Longest Nonstop Commercial Flight in US History

Hawaiian Airlines Unstoppable Boston to Honolulu

Photo: Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

Boston Gets Its First Aloha

This historic, upcoming flight service is a first in US aviation history.  Hawaiian Airlines just announced it's introducing the longest non-stop flight service  in the US.  Non-stop Boston to Honolulu.  The 5,095 mile trip starts daily service in April 2019, 5 days a week.

Time and Distance

Boston has been the only major US city without direct, nonstop service to Hawaii.  To initiate it, Hawaiian Airlines will use an Airbus A 330 aircraft.  Boston to Honolulu will take 12 hours nonstop.  Honolulu to Boston 10 hours non-stop.  For the airline, the market potential right now is 500 passengers who go between eastern New England and Hawaii everyday.  That's a market that could grow. Interesting and historic innovation in the airline industry.


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