Green Big Rigs

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks Coming to a Highway Near You

Hyundai's Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck

Zero Emissions and Sustainable
Hyundai and Toyota are launching hydrogen fuel cell trucks.  The trucks are green, no greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable and quiet.

Hyundai Plan
The South Korean automaker plans on deploying 1000 hydrogen fuel cell trucks in Switzerland between 2019 and 2020.  Hyundai says the commercial trucks have an estimated range of 248 miles fueled by 8 onboard hydrogen storage tanks. Refueling takes 7 minutes.

Toyota Trucks on the Road
Toyota just deployed a big freight truck powered by hydrogen fuel cells.  The truck has a range of 300 miles. Toyota has 3 partners in the project:  the Port of Los Angeles, Shell and Kenworth. They're developing 10 zero emissions trucks.  Toyota is providing fuel cell stacks and tanks, batteries and electric motors that will be put into Kenworth's Class 8 trucks.  Toyota is also providing powertrains and operational support.  The partners are setting up several hydrogen fueling stations.


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