Supersonic Flights Taking Off

Boeing Goes Supersonic

Source:  Aeriion's As2 supersonic passenger jet

Boeing Invests Big in Supersonic Tech Company Aerion
Boeing is teaming up with a Nevada based company Aerion on the next generation of supersonic jets. Boeing announced it will provide engineering, manufacturing and test flight resources to bring Aerion's AS2, now a prototype, to market.  Boeing is also making a large financial investment. The amount wasn't disclosed.

Cruising at 1,000 MPH+
The companies say the passenger jet will be capable of flying at Mach 1.4 or 1,038 mph/1,671 kmh. That is double the speed of current commercial jets.  The SST could get you to your destination in half the time.  Boeing says the time for supersonic flight has come.  The last supersonic flight in the US was in 2003 by the Concorde. The SST's were sidelined because of the noise from their sonic booms and high operational costs.  The new generation of supersonics are designed to be much quieter and fuel efficient.

Takeoff Time
If all goes as planned, the AS2 could fly by 2023 and go into service by 2025 to become the world's first supersonic business jet.


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