FAA Commercial Human Space Flight Reality

Space Tourist Gets Astronaut Wings

Source:  Virgin Galactic:  Test Passenger Onboard this space flight gets astronaut wings 

FAA Gives Virgin Galactic A Space Passenger Okay
The FAA called this occasion as "the start of commercial human space flight is now a reality". Virgin Galactic's first test passenger for a journey to space received her commercial astronaut wings from the FAA, the US government's aviation regulatory agency.  That is a very big deal in the journey Virgin Galactic has taken to launch vacation tourists into space.  The woman flew in Virgin Galactic's rocket plane White Knight Two/Spaceship Two Passenger Craft to experience the space journey from a customer perspective. It was a big success.

NASA Engineer
The passenger is no novice.  Beth Moses is Virgin Galactic's chief astronaut instructor and a former NASA engineer.  She's also now the first woman to fly to space on a commercial vehicle. What an accomplishment!  She was on the flight with pilots David Mackay and Mike Masucii on SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity to receive the astronaut wings. The wings were presented to the three person crew.


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