Important Innovations Collection: New Water Sport - Wheeebo

New Fun Tech - Powered, Standup Water Board

Source:  Yanmar's on-water gadget Wheeebo

From Japan, for Calm Waters
It's called Wheebo and it's new, fun tech from Japan.  Wheeebo is a battery powered, standup water board that can glide you across the water up to 3&1/2 mph. Invented by the marine engine manufacturer Yanmar, it's designed for relatively calm waters, controlled by shifting your weight on the board, has a hand held remote control for acceleration and is said to be easy for anyone to enjoy.  For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: New Water Sport - Wheeebo: Powered Board "Water Gadget" Source:  Yanmar's Wheeebo From Japan at  Speeds Up To 3&1/2 MPH This looks like a fun...