Elon Musk to Tunnel China

Boring Company to Set-Up Operations in China

For China, Tunnel Based Transportation Systems
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk just announced that he's going to launch operations of his Boring Company in China.  He'll do so during a trip to China for an artificial intelligence conference late this month.  The Boring company builds tunnel based transportation systems, including the Hyperloop.

From LA & Las Vegas to China
Musk has momentum going with the Boring Company, which is far from boring.  Musk recently won his first commercial contract to build a mile long shuttle to ferry tourists around the Las Vegas Convention Center.  He's also built a test tunnel at the company's headquarters in suburban Los Angeles.  In July, he raised $120 million from outside investors to help fund his tunnel projects and proposals.  He wants to build a tunnel system to connect Baltimore and Washington, DC.  That is currently under environmental review.  He's also proposed a tunnel system for Chicago.  He recently withdrew a proposal to build a tunnel to Dodgers Stadium in LA because of neighborhood concerns.

The Hyperloop
Musk, who is also CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, started the Boring Company to build underground tunnels for his Hyperloop.  The Hyperloop is a transportation pod for travelers that has the potential of reaching speeds of 760 mph by using electromagnetic propulsion.


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