Ferrari's in the Sports Car Race

CEO Expanding Lineup of Road Cars

Source:  Ferrari

The Future of Sports Cars
Ferrari Chairman John Elkann said today in Pebble Beach, CA, at a classic car show, that the Italy-based luxury car company plans to expand its GT - grand touring - lineup of cars that are easier driving vehicles.  It also plans to launch a premier SUV, the Purosangue, to compete in the luxury SUV category.   The company, known for its flashy, high performance vehicles, is producing strong financial and innovation results, including a new luxury hybrid vehicle.  It has no desire to compete in sales volume results with rival Porsche.  Elkann is also Chairman of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.   Fiat is the majority owner of Ferrari.

New SF90 Stradale and GT Models
The company's new SF90 Stradale hybrid vehicle is expected to be a big contender against Tesla's luxury electric vehicle models.  The SF90 is the fastest Ferrari ever produced with 986 horsepower.  The new GT-type Ferrari could be unveiled in November.  The company says it's starting a new generation of innovative products.  Five new or variations on existing vehicles are going to be unveiled in 2019.  Meanwhile, Porsche too is ramping up production and plans to deliver a battery powered Taycan to compete with Tesla in luxury electric vehicles.  The luxury car wars are intensifying and the future of sports cars will increasingly be electric.


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