Soccer Smart Wearable for Your Stats

Tracks Player Performance

Source:  Playmakes

Playmakes Innovation from UK
This is a foot worn wearable that fits around a soccer player's boot.  It provides detailed performance data and insights to the soccer player and their coach.  The purpose is to help boost performance to the next level.  Playmakes takes smart soccer monitoring to a whole new level and was just unveiled by its UK headquartered inventors.  The company has operations in the UK, US, China and Israel.

Monitors Play Action and Injury Rehabilitation to Keep Upping Your Game
This tracking system goes beyond typical measurements and offers precise measurements on 30 different performance metrics including time on the ball, time to release, motion type, stride length and load monitoring.  Monitoring the lower limbs lets the player and coach check for symmetry and whether the player is favoring one foot or lifting one leg higher than the other in order to correct it.  It also can help in rehabilitation after an injury.  The system is designed to maximize player performance by monitoring, analyzing and using the data to up your game.


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