Super Fast, Large 3D Printing

Northwestern's HARP: Full Size Structures in Two Hours

Source:  Northwestern University

Future of Manufacturing On-Demand
A team at Northwestern University have invented a 3D printer that provides rapid, on-demand manufacturing of large objects in a few hours.  It can be used to make parts for planes, cars, medical devices and more.  The HARP (high area rapid printing) device prints 100 times faster than other 3D printers.  It can create an object the size of a human in 2 hours.

Record Breaking Throughput
Northwestern University says this type of rapid manufacturing on-demand is the future of manufacturing that could put an end to molds and warehouses. The new printer will be commercially available within a year and a half.  It prints both hard, durable parts and elastic objects.  The throughput is record breaking and enables it to manufacture parts on demand.

Non-sticky Liquid & Ultraviolet Light
The printer itself is large:  13 feet tall with a 2.5 sq. foot print bed.  It's a stereolithographic printer that uses ultraviolet light to harden sections of liquid resin, building the structure in layers.  The key to HARP and its rapid flow rate is a non-sticky liquid that removes excessive heat and keeps the resin from sticking to the printer. 3D printing just got a lot larger and faster.


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