China's Display Screen on Your Skin

Important Wearable Device Breakthrough

Source:  Wrist Watch Bionic from Nanjing University

Safe, Low Power Display Screens on Your Skin
This is fascinating new innovation from Chinese researchers at Nanjing University.  They've invented a new way to put displays like a wrist watch bionic or real time medical readouts on your skin.  The extremely thin device is said to be safe, flexible and requires very little power to operate.  It's a new wearable similar to a temporary tattoo but it displays electronic data like time.

Tech that Could Revolutionize Wearables
This new technology could revolutionize wearable devices for many users.  For runners, it could mean a bionic watch taped on your hand to watch your times as you run.  For health care tracking, it could mean real-time displays on your skin of medical data from already flexible medical devices.

What Makes This New
The Chinese researchers have overcome the need for high voltage to operate skin wearables, which can potentially hurt the user.  They have also overcome power drainage problems.  What makes their approach new is their device, which is a new type of stretchable, dielectric material, made of ceramic nanoparticles, along with silver nanowire electrodes and light emitting microparticles, all in a stretchy polymer.  The screen they've invented can be seen indoors even in low voltage lighting.  I found this news in the American Chemical Society (ACS) Materials Letter.  The ACS letter suggests this technology has a lot of potential including to be used by hospitals to display live health data readings on individual patients. Below is Nanjing University researchers' diagram of what they've invented.
Source:  Nanjing University Diagram of the Epidermal Display Device


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