Porsche E-Car to Deliver Record Sales

Porsche Forecasts Record 2020 US Sales Led by All Electric Taycan
Source:  Porsche E-Taycan Sports Car

Electric Sports Car that's Eco Friendly with Speed
Porsche says its new, all-electric sports car Taycan is getting a lot of surprisingly big interest from Tesla electric car owners.  This may be the first lap of the all-electric global car races for customer sales.  According to VW owned and German based Porsche, of the thousands of potential customers expressing interest in the Taycan, Tesla owners rank first among non-Porsche owners. Tesla is based in the US and founded and run by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.  The Taycan electric sports car is one of the most anticipated EVs of 2019 and of the upcoming decade for many tech reasons.

Electric Stats
The Taycan all-electric sports car delivers everything and all the power that you'd expect from a Porsche.  It has 670 horsepower and goes from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds.  Acceleration, speed by electric motors and zero free emissions.  It has an estimated battery range of 300 miles, top speeds of 155 mph on a race track and the pricing starts at $103,800. The technology suite included in the sportscar is awesome.  It is a look at the electric future of driving with top of the line technology.

Electrifying Record Sales
Porsche going with its first all electric vehicle appears to be paying off in a big way.  In 2020, Porsche is forecasting that the Taycan will catapult the company into record US retail sales.  If so, that's a great example of a very expensive R&D investment by an automotive company to develop an all-electric sports car resulting in record US sales.  The Taycan is looking like an electric car that's great for the environment and also great for the bottom line.


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