Dubai E-Buses on Electrified Roads

Dubai's Electric Experiment

Source:  Dubai

Wireless Charging on the Move
Dubai is testing electric buses that can pick up charging while on the move.  The dynamic wireless charging unit is embedded in a 60 meter stretch of roadway in the city.  It uses a new technology called "shaped magnetic field in resonance (SMFR). The result is seamless charging of the electric bus without it having to stop at a charging station.  What's fascinating is the system can be used for personal transportation like an electric car as well as public transportation like electric buses.

Electrified Roads and Electrified Vehicles
This new technology is designed to overcome battery limitations of range, cost of charging and finding a location to charge the vehicle. The SMFR embedded road system activates when a sensor picks up that an electric vehicle is driving over it.  A pickup coil is attached to the underbody of the EV to make the connection work and the charge flow into the EV.  The system cannot be seen on the road surface and it causes no hindrance or interference with non EV's.

Dubai Going Electric
Dubai authorities are committed to eco-friendly transportation.  Besides the SMFR test program now underway, Dubai is building hundreds of charging stations around the city.  They also are targeting that 50% of their taxis are hybrids by 2021 and 90% of their limos are hybrid electric by 2026.


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