Earth Movements Impacted by COVID-19

Earth Vibrating Substantially Less

Source:  NASA

Global Commerce and Life Profoundly Charged
The coronavirus has had a profound impact on the planet 
Earth.  Schools and universities are closed.  Businesses 
are shuttered.  Retails malls, libraries, movie theaters, beaches, parks, professional sports and Broadway are all in pause.
The world is in a shelter at home mode to stop the
spread of the virus. Fewer trains are running and 
flights are grounded.  Rush hour is no more.
The result on planet Earth is unprecedented.
The dramatic shutdown of global economic
activity has resulted in the Earth vibrating a
great deal less.

Standing Still
According to seismologists the planet Earth is virtually
standing still.  Researchers in London, Brussels and Los
Angeles have documented a 30 to 50% drop in
ambient seismic noise since the pandemic
lockdowns began.  They say this demonstrates
that most people are sheltering in the safety of
their homes, waiting for the highly infectious and
dangerous virus to run its course. And, there is 
one positive from the dramatic reduction in
global economic activity.  Since the shelter at home
directives began, carbon dioxide emissions have hit 
the lowest level since World War 11.  For a free browse of journalist Edward Kane's  recent books on breakthrough global innovations, go to  I co-authored the books with Ed.


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