Good News in War Against COVID-19

Promising Oxford University Vaccine

Source:  Gilead Sciences

Successful Gilead Sciences Treatment
In the war against COVID-19, some
good news.  Gilead Sciences'
remdesivir has shown improvement
in patients taking it to treat the virus.
That, according to Gilead's own
study.  On top of that, testing by the
National Institution of Allergy and
Infectious Disease also gave the
drug "positive data" results in their own
testing.  This news raised hopes on
Wall Street that a treatment/cure is near
and that the economy may be able to
open safely again.  At the start of trading,
the DJIA shot up 400 points and
Gilead shares were up 9.3%.

Promising Vaccine
Meanwhile, researchers at Oxford
University in the UK say they could 
have a COVID-19 vaccine ready for
humans by the 4th quarter of this year.
Their experimental vaccine has
proven effective in protecting
monkeys from the virus.  Monkeys
given the vaccine did not catch the 
virus after heavy exposure to it.
The scientists are hopeful it will
work in humans and started human
trials last week. Globally, 80 vaccines
are now under development.

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