Prototype Helipad and Base

Source:  BART Technologies

Empowering Electric Flying
Burlington, Vermont based BETA Technologies
is developing an electric, vertical
takeoff and landing aircraft. It also
has invented a fascinating piece
of infrastructure for the future of
flying air taxis, flying cars, drones
and electric planes.  It's a prototype
helipad and rapid recharge station.
The design of the structure is
modular and the concept is unique.

Burlington International Airport
A prototype structure has been
built at Burlington International
Airport.  It can recharge a 6-seat
electric passenger plane, 
which is what BETA is building,
in an hour.  The structure offers
lounges and other accomodations
for the crew and can also serve
as a way station for medical and
other supplies during an

Green Power
BETA uses a combination of 
electric power and solar
charging to recharge the
electric flying vehicles.  The
structure is particularly
designed for the coming wave
of electric air taxis and their
need for fast and reliable
recharging.  The company is
looking to sell these structures
throughout the US and abroad.
BETA executives say their
"rapid recharge solution" with 
its 20 foot high landing platform
is perfect for crowded urban
areas where the first fleets of
air taxis will soon be in service.

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