Jet Pack Flier Spotted at 6,000 Ft over LA

 Second Recent Jet Pack Sighting Over LA

                                     Source:  JetPack Aviation

JetPack Aviation SPEEDER Gets Ready for Take-off

Once again over Los Angeles, the sky offered an amazing sight of a pilot in a jetpack soaring 6,000 feet above the Earth.  It was the second similar sighting and the flights were apparently not authorized by the FAA.  Enter JetPack Aviation's flying motorcycle SPEEDER that's set to do its first test flight.  SPEEDER is the world's first jet powered, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying motorcycle.  JetPack Aviation says it had nothing to do with the two mysterious, jetpack flights over LA.

Technology Promise of SPEEDER

JetPack says with the flip of a switch SPEEDER will be able to hit 300 mph in the air, carry 600 pounds and fly at an altitude of 15,000 feet. They say that's the potential of their SPEEDER flying motorcycle technology.  That would make a trip from LA to San Diego possible in 20 minutes.  SPEEDER can be piloted or flown autonomously.  It's about to go into testing.  Final performance applications will be determined by the company based on FAA rulings and market applications  Those market applications are wide- ranging including, medical, search & rescue, travel, first responders, security and much more.  JetPack Aviation is headquartered in Los Angeles.


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