Virgin Hyperloop: 1st Successful Run

 First Successful Test With Passenger Onboard

                                 Source:  Virgin Hyperloop

Travel at 620 to 700 MPH

In Las Vegas yesterday, Virgin Hyperloop made its first successful run with two passengers onboard.  The high speed travel technology travelled 500 meters in just 15 seconds at the Virgin test site. Speeds hit 107.5 mph. The two passengers, Virgin Hyperloop Cofounder/CTO Josh Giegel and Virgin Hyperloop Director of Passenger Experience Sara Luchian sat in a single pod. They said they enjoyed the very high speed ride. They are the first in the world to take a hyperloop ride. The hyperloop carries passengers in small pods that levitate above the track in a vacuum tube.  It is capable of speeds up to 700 mph.  Some experts believe it will revolutionize travel. An expert in Sweden calls it "the barf ride" because of the potential impact of the very high speeds on passengers.

No Carbon Emissions

This high speed travel "revolutionary" technology was first envisioned by entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2021.  The CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company was too busy at that time to develop it and urged other entrepreneurs to do so.  Virgin founder Richard Branson has done so.  He says the Virgin Hyperloop can reach speeds of 1,080 kilometers per hour.  Importantly there are no carbon emissions.  This is green travel technology.

Deployment Plans

Virgin has plans to build hyperloop systems in Texas, North Carolina, Chicago to Pittsburg, in the Middle East and India.  Each Virgin pod will be capable of carrying 28 people.  Larger versions are also under development to move cargo and goods.  Yesterday's successful test run brings the hyperloop system much closer to deployment.


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