Samsung's New Jeeves Robot for Home

 New Robot with AI Does the Housework for You

                                    Source:  Samsung

So Dexterous It Can Set a Dinner Table & Pour a Glass of Wine

Samsung has unveiled a new robot Bot Handy designed to be very handy around the house and do chores.  The robot can set a dinner table, clean messy rooms or pour a glass of wine.  Samsung specifically designed this robot to be a very helpful Jeeves around the house.

AI Enabled

The robot is enabled by very advanced technology.  It uses AI to recognize and pickup objects.  It's able to calculate the right amount of force needed to grab and move objects.  It is capable of differentiating the material composition of a variety of household objects.

Top Technology

Bot Handy can make itself taller and smaller.  There's a display on the front that shows the robot's blinking eyes, which makes the robot more human.  It has a single robotic arm with hinges for dexterous movement in the fingers, wrist, hands, armpit and elbows.  This robotic technology is so dexterous it can put a flower in a vase, put dishes in a dishwasher and even pour you a glass of your favorite beverage.

Robotic Innovations

Samsung says the robotic innovations incorporated in Bot Handy allow it to coexist with humans and enhance their lives.  The robot was just unveiled at CES 2021.  It is still being developed by Samsung and no price has been disclosed.


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