UK Recycled Robots' Robotazia Restaurant

 Multiple New, Money-Making Roles For Robots

Source:  Robotazia

Art, Fun and Waitstaff

In Milton Keynes, UK, there is a uniquely innovative Sci-fi, robot themed restaurant Robotazia .  40 robots, all made from recycled material, are in residence and at work.  The robots serve as talking waiters and waitresses.  There is even a robot in charge of hand sanitizers.  Many of the robots are unique works of art created by artisans using recycled car parts, vacuums and makeup containers. Some examples include Mike Dyson, totally made from recycled Dyson vacuums. Sparky the robot, made of recycled metal parts, who serves as the customer Meeter and Greeter.   Audibot, which is made from recycled Audi parts and children's toy cars and much more.

Sci Fi Robotics

Robotazia is an innovative showcase of the versatility, usefulness, fun, entertainment and money-making value of robots.  It is designed to thrill adults and children about the potentialities and fascinating uses of emerging robots.  Many of the robots were made by the restaurant co-owners, who are entrepreneurs.  Some of the robots can be bought.  For instance, Iron Man (3rd picture in the group) is priced at $5300.  Robotazia is one of the UK's most popular robotic destinations. It is a unique robotic experience with a menu of recycled robots, food and fun.  To take a look at many new emerging robots, go to


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