Speeder VTOL - New Way to Travel

 Flight-Ready Speeder VTOL

Source:  Mayman Aerospace

Brand New Way to Travel 

California-based Mayman Aerospace, a JetPack company, has debuted its Speeder Air Utility Vehicle (AUV) prototype that is ready to fly.  Called the Speeder P2, the vehicle is a brand-new class of aircraft. It is a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft that offers both autonomous and remotely piloted flights. It is significantly less expensive and much smaller than a helicopter and faster and more powerful than eVTOLs and drones. Currently its 8 jet engines are powered on regular, zero net carbon or sustainable aviation fuel.  Mayman is also exploring hydrogen turbine engines and electric fanjets as a power source. For manufacturing production, the company says the P2 lends itself to quickly deployed economies of scale. P2 is an aviation gamechanger with widespread applications and configurations, including for industrial cargo transportation and as personal flying craft for the military, law enforcement and first responders. 

Tech Specs

The P2 prototype was just unveiled at a Draper Venture Network CEO Summit meeting in northern California. It drew a lot of attention from investors and entrepreneurs. It is the size of a motorcycle.  The final version will be bigger and is being designed to carry loads of 1,000 pounds, fly 400 miles and be capable of speeds over 500 mph in unpiloted flights. The safety technologies in the P2 are impressive.  They include a proprietary onboard computer system that controls engine thrust and rebalances it if the engine should develop a problem.  The AUV is designed for the pilot to jump on, hit the start button and take-off.  The vehicle's aerodynamic carbon fiber body has been designed for maximum inflight efficiency.  And it is loaded with ultra-safe redundant systems.

Next Steps

Speeder P2 will begin test flights this summer.  The first flights will be remotely controlled, and pilots will start flying the vehicle by the end of this year. The company is working with the FAA to secure flight certification.  Clearly, Speeder P2 is an aviation gamechanger that is already redefining the future of flying.  For more news like this, The Future of Flying


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