Hottest Concept Car of Decade?

 Hyundai's N-Vision 74

                                         Source:  Hyundai

Nod to the Past, Vision of the Future of Driving

Hyundai is known for breakthrough technological innovations. And, its latest new car concept, the N-Vision 74, does not disappoint.  The N-Vision is a rear-wheel drive coupe/sports car, powered by two electric traction motors that are both positioned on the rear axle.  The energy comes from two sources:  a storage battery and a hydrogen fuel cell. The futuristic vehicle actually celebrates the past, the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe designed by the legendary car designer Giorgetto Giurgiaro.  Ironically the gorgeous and powerful car concept was never built.  The new, 670 hp N-Vision 74 is a high-tech performance dynamo that many experts want to see go into production.  MotorTrend Magazine is calling it "the hottest car concept of the decade".  

What's Special About This Car?

For starters, as a concept, it is a fully drivable, production-ready, beautiful, a technological work of art and architectured by Hyundai design chief SangYup Lee.  It showcases Hyundai's vision of where cars are headed for the future of driving. And Hyundai is more than ready to put it into production if there is demand for it.  

Rolling Lab of Technology

The N-Vision 74 is being called by Hyundai its rolling lab of technology.  The powertrain underpinning the vehicle uses electricity from a hydrogen fuel cell and from a 62.4 kWh battery that can be plugged in for a recharge like for any EV. Three independent cooling systems control the battery, fuel cell and motor temperatures. Much of the hardware is already proven and deployed in other new Hyundai vehicles.  Some performance stats available on the EV concept:

  • Maximum range is 370 miles on a charge
  • 9.25 pounds of hydrogen are onboard
  • Top speed is 155 mph

The N-Vision 74 would be the third hydrogen fuel cell vehicle available in the US after the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo SUV.  What is fascinating is that Hyundai is so committed to this vehicle's potential, it wants to start producing this EV ASAP. 


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