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Renault's New Hydrogen Concept Car

  Concept Car With 497 Mile Range on a Charge                                                  Source:  Renault Future of Sustainable Driving Hydrogen power is clearly a part of the future of sustainable driving.  French automaker Renault has just unveiled an awesome hydrogen powered concept car.  It's called the Scenic Vision and is powered by a hydrogen engine, electric motor and a battery fuel cell.  There is a 2.5-liter hydrogen tank on the front of the vehicle.  The tank takes only 5 minutes to fill. The car's 40-kilowatt battery is recyclable.  Renault, which is owned by Nissan, says that Scenic Vision represents part of the company's longer-term vision of the future of sustainable driving and will go into production in 2030. In the meantime, an all-electric version of Scenic Vision will go into production in 2024. Future of Hydrogen Cars Renault believes that hydrogen will be a big part of the future of powering cars.  The big benefit of hydrogen is that it greatly e