Elon Musk's Global Internet Service

SpaceX Starlink
600 Internet Satellites and CountingSpaceX and founder/CEO Elon Musk are setting new records in building Starlink, the space-based global internet service.  SpaceX is manufacturing an unprecedented 120 internet satellites per month.  No satellite competitor has even come close.  600 Starlink satellites are now in low Earth orbit.  Musk recently told the FCC that he plans to build an interconnected network of 12,000 small satellites capable of beaming high speed internet to anyplace in the world.Big InvestmentMusk told the FCC that he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Starlink thus far.  He is currently producing thousands of consumer user terminals per month and is building ground stations to directly connect consumers to the Starlink network.  Musk says his internet service will be "inexpensive" for consumers to purchase.Big DemandLast week, SpaceX informed the FCC that it is experiencing "extraordinary demand" for its inexpensive inte…

Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles, 0-Emissions World

Hyundai Leading the Way

US Startup Nikola Coming on StrongSouth Korea based Hyundai is quickly becoming the leader among global automakers in deploying hydrogen powered vehicles.  It recently shipped the first ten of its Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell hydrogen semi-trucks.  It's the world's first, fuel cell powered, heavy duty truck.  And it's the first, mass produced hydrogen truck.  The hydrogen vehicles went to Switzerland.  Another 40 hydrogen trucks from Hyundai will be on Swiss roads by the end of 2020.  It's the beginning of a Hydrogen Highway Ecosystem, with hydrogen fuel stops eventually being built into the highway infrastructure.  It's the future of zero highway emissions.  The only emissions from these trucks are water.Hydrogen Highway EcosystemThe Hyundai hydrogen semi's have a 255 horsepower fuel cell converting hydrogen into electricity.  They have a driving range of 250 miles on a tank of hydrogen.  To make the hydrogen transportation work, a highway e…

Microsoft's Smart New Phone

Surface Duo
Microsoft's Return to Mobile PhonesAfter a four year hiatus, Microsoft is returning to the mobile phone business.  It just unveiled and began taking orders for its new Surface Duo. Microsoft calls the phone revolutionary.  It spent five years creating it.  The company claims it enables increased mobile productivity via the dual screens. They add it contains the best of Microsoft 365, every app from Google Play store and a system that seamlessly works together.Android Operating SystemThe dual screen phone runs on Google's Android operating system.  The user can use two different apps on each screen simultaneously. The screens are connected by a 360 degree hinge that allows for both horizontal and vertical use.Phone Price WarsThe Microsoft Surface Duo is sleek, thin and pricey - $1,399.  It's ringing into a tough, bumpy COVID threatened economy and is up against very tough competition.  Both Google and Apple are rolling out new smart phones loaded with capabilitie…

Lucid Air May Be Longest Range EV

From California Startup,Lucid Air Sedan
New US Electric Vehicle Has Very Long RangeElectric vehicle startup Lucid, based in California, has a new vehicle that can go the distance.  The Lucid Air sedan has an expected EPA rated range of more than 517 miles on a single charge.  That makes it the longest range electric vehicle on the market today.  In fact, it gets 115 miles more range than Tesla's current highest range vehicle, the Model S, which has an EPA rated range of 402 miles.  Tesla was the first EV company to break the 400 mile range with a widely available electric car.
Proprietary High Tech MotorsLucid CEO Peter Rawlinson credits the company's high tech motors, invented at Lucid, with the industry's leading EV range. And, if you're wondering when you can buy one, the final version of Lucid Air will be presented on September 9, 2020.  The Air will go into full production at Lucid's Case Grande, Arizona facility.  First cars will be delivered to customers early…

Big Travel Breakthroughs 2020's by Edward Kane

Big Travel Vehicle News

Edward Kane's Latest Book on Amazon and KindleEdward Kane's latest book "Big Travel Breakthroughs 2020's" has just been published as an e-book and paperback on Amazon and Kindle.  If you're interested in learning about the latest, big breakthroughs in cars, planes, trains and other modes of travel for the 2020's, you will love this book.  For a free preview, go to

2 Great Books Free on Amazon

"How Dare You"
"List of Top New Gadgets"
Amazon is running a free promotion this week on two of journalist Edward Kane's recent e-books "How Dare You" and "List of Top New Gadgets".  "List of Top New Gadgets" showcases the world's new, breakthrough gadgets and devices that you'll want to be aware of and possibly use.  To receive a free copy go to  I co-authored the book with Ed.
"How Dare You"Ed's beautiful children's fiction book "How Dare You" is a cross country running adventure story with valuable life lessons for kids, including how to make friends.  For a free copy, go to  The books return to their original prices t…

Tesla as a Global Green Energy Provider

Tesla/Elon Musk Solar Energy Bundle for Consumers
First New Target Market is EuropeTesla is already the world's #1 electric vehicle automaker.  Founder & CEO ELon Musk is now considering offering a home energy package to consumers that would bundle solar panels and roofs, Powerwall energy storage and electric vehicle chargers.  It's the whole package for going solar at home and driving clean, green electric vehicles.  Tesla is currently surveying customers in Germany for their appetite of going very green and for their specific green energy needs.  The bottom-line:  entrepreneur Musk is attempting to add a brilliant layer of business onto Tesla electric vehicle operations as a global green energy utility to service his customers and new green customers' needs.  He has petitioned to be granted licensing as a utility in the UK and already has a small grid system in Australia.SpecificsTesla is very methodical in its approach and in the survey wants to know how important to…