New Health App Is Rolling Out with Select 2020 QLED TV

Health Tracking App to Get in Shape
Prolonged television watching has long been associated with being an out of shape couch potato.  That doesn't need to be the case anymore.  Samsung is now rolling out a new health tracking App on select 2020 QLED TVs that started selling in April.

Health Data
The Samsung Health App collects and syncs an individual's health data from their smartphone, smart watch, wearables and now their Samsung television.  The App stores the data on a dashboard to view their key health metrics.  It also provides access to free workout classes and mindfulness sessions.

Personalized Health Goals
Using the App, you can set a daily routine, with alerts that a workout class you like is about to start and your can set fitness goals and challenges.  The App is designed to facilitate a healthier lifestyle and includes a variety of classes like yoga, dance, pilates, strength training and a lot more.  It's a new in…


Amazon Deep Discount on "Space 2020's: What's Up There?"

Bargain Priced For Limited Time
Amazon & Kindle are running a limited time sales promotion on journalist Edward Kane's book.  Don't miss out on the deep discount of $3.00 off  the regular price of $6.99.

The book provides what you need to know about the top space missions of the 2020's.  As a journalist, Ed made it a fun, informative and easy read.  To access it, ASIN: B087DV4DZ6  I co-authored the book with Ed.


Next-G, Helicopter Command Post

Helicopter Travel's Future:  The H145 Flying Computer
This is one of the world's most advanced military helicopters and it's still being developed to include more next-G technology.  The Airbus H145 is a multi-role helicopter that essentially functions as a flying computer.  Designed for the military, it's being developed and outfitted as a flying command post.  Airbus says it can be used for armed reconnaissance, weapons fire support, evacuation of the wounded and to rescue hostages. 

C5 Capabilities
Airbus is focused on expanding the vehicle's C5 capabilities, including command, control, communications, computers and collaboration/intelligence.  The H145 is a look at the future of military helicopter travel in battle zones.

Brand New, Innovative Technologies
The Airbus helicopter is a light, twin engine vehicle.  It can maneuver at low level altitudes where fixed wing aircraft and UAVs cannot.  And simultaneously it can collect and colla…


Special Amazon Book Promotion

e-Book Deeply Discounted
Starting at 11AM ET May 27, "Space 2020's:  What's Up There?" by journalist Edward Kane is being offered at a promotional deep discount by Amazon and Kindle.  Through May 30, it can be bought for $3.99 instead of the regular price of $6.99

Book on Latest Space Discoveries and Upcoming Missions
If you want the latest news on "What's Up There?" in space, this is a highly valuable and fun to read information source.  Here's the direct link to check it out ASIN: B087DV4DZ6


NASA, SPACEX, US Astronauts & Elon Musk

Many Historic Firsts on Earth and Space
On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Elon Musk's SpaceX will carry two US Astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).  This will be the first time in nearly a decade that there has been rocket launch carrying astronauts into space orbit from US soil.  It is also a first for SpaceX to carry humans - NASA astronauts - into space. And it is the first time that a private commercial vehicle has taken US astronauts into orbit.  Experts say, if all goes well, this could be the beginning of a new era of human spaceflight for the US.

Launch Time
The launch is set for Wednesday afternoon from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  President Donald Trump says he will be there.  Two veteran US astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will be the crew aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule that will rocket into space on a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket.

Into Orbit
The Falcon 9 Rocket will release Crew Drag…


Amazon Book Promotion

Special Deep Discount for a Limited Time
I'm pleased to announce that Kindle and Amazon are beginning a promotion on journalist Edward Kane's book "SPACE 2020's: WHAT'S UP THERE?".  Starting May 27 through May 30, the book goes on sale for $3.99. That is a deep discount off the regular price of $6.99.  And, on May 31 through June 2 8AM PDT, it will be selling for $4.99. It then returns to its regular price of $6.99

Great Deals on a Great Resource
If you enjoy learning about WHAT'S UP THERE? in space, you'll love the book and find it a great resource on the top space missions and very recent space discoveries of the 2020's.  Here's a link for access to the book ASIN: B087DV4DZ6

And for access to Ed's Amazon Author's Page, click here    I co-authored the books with Ed.

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Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package

"Full-On James Bond"
SpaceX & Tesla CEO Elon Musk has combined the best technologies from his space company and from his electric car company and is incorporating them into his next generation Tesla Roadster.  The electric sportscar is equipped with rocket thrusters including the main one behind the license place.  Musk calls the Roadster's SpaceX package: "It's like full-on James Bond." 

Part Car - Part Rocket
The SpaceX Tesla Roadster is due out in 2022.  The SpaceX package option include cold air thrusters.  In Musk's words, he's using ultra high pressure compressed air. "It's a cold gas thruster.  The main thruster is behind the license plate.  For acceleration, it drops the license plate and behind the plate is a rocket thruster."

Musk has been saying that the new Roadster will go 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds with a battery range of 620 miles.  He is working on improving those impressive specs.  App…