BMW's 2020 Commitment to Cut Emissions

BMW Vows to Cut Its Carbon Emissions in Europe by 20% in 2020
BMW's Aggressive Carbon Emissions Commitment Concerns about the economic risks of CC are growing globally and pressure is mounting on businesses to join the low carbon economy.  The global automotive industry is responding by rolling out a growing number of new, zero emissions and hybrid electric cars and other vehicles.  BMW has announced that it will cut its carbon emissions by 20% in Europe in 2020.  They say 2/3rds of the cuts are coming from their electric and hybrid vehicles and the remaining from new, more efficient combustion engines. This is impressive, immediate action to fight climate change that is leading the way for global automakers.
G20 Cites Climate Change in its Communique for 1st Time in Trump Era

CC Watch But No Risk Warning from G20 Financial officials from the world's 20 largest economies cited Climate Change in their final communique for the first time during the Trump Administration. In the comm…

MIT Uses AI - Discovers Antibiotic - a 1st

MIT Scientists' Antibiotic Breakthrough

Drug Kills Antibiotic Resistant, Killer Bacteria MIT scientists have achieved a world first.  They've used artificial intelligence (AI) to discover what may be the world's most powerful antibiotic.  The power and promise of the drug is its ability to fight the growing global epidemic of deadly bacteria  resistant to antibiotics.  The World Health Organization calls these bacteria one of the biggest threats to global health.  The MIT discovered molecule kills antibiotic resistant, killer bacteria.
Machine Learning Algorithm The key to the MIT team's success is artificial intelligence and the powerful algorithm they created.  The MIT scientists say the algorithm was inspired by the architecture of the human brain.  The algorithm analyzed millions of chemical compounds and thousands of drugs to identify those with enough attributes to kill e-coli.  Through the process, they identified a molecule called Halicin, which had been investig…

EV's Driving on Sunshine

Solar Powered Driving Charged at Home

Elon Musk's Latest Brilliant Idea One big plan that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is executing on with speed is his solar roof business which includes solar panels and solar batteries. His vision is to use the Sun's solar power - at home - to provide energy to your home and also power your electric car.
One Stop Sun Power The concept is brilliant.  It could provide large scale, additional charging power for EV's.  But at the moment, it's also expensive.  Musk's solar roof and his Powerwall battery can cost the homeowner $83,000 for installation.  Musk wants the installation to take 8 hours.  At the moment it takes about two weeks if you include removing the old roof.
Expanding the Business and Lifting the Share Price Musk is currently operating his solar roofing business largely out of California.  But he plans to expand it initially into 17 states. Musk says solar is an extremely important part of his business that could eventually rival h…

Possible "UFO" Sighting Over California

Flying Drone, Flying Car or UFO?

"Alien Vessel" Caught on Tape Over a Car This is a strange case of a fast flying object - white with a cloud-like appearance - that a driver accidentally taped on his smart phone through the car's open sunroof.  He turned over the tape and reported the incident to California authorities.  The incident happened in Santa Clara, California on a highway close to San Francisco Bay.  The question is what was it:  a flying drone, flying car or a UFO?
Caught on Tape The video of the object can be viewed on the enclosed URL.  The object moved with great speed and is only visible for a second or two.  The object is flat and elongated.  UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base examined the tape and concluded that  it's very similar to other alleged UFO's sighted over the years around the world.  He adds "there's a very real probability that it's a real UFO'.  He speculated that the "alien vessel" might have come from …

GM's Electrifying Goals

Electric Goals for 12 New Models on the Market  by 2023

Cadillac Leading the Way GM is launching a dozen, brand new, electric vehicles by 2023.  The new EV's are coming from a number of its divisions, including Chevrolet. But,  first and foremost is Cadillac, which for GM is leading the electric, zero emissions driving way of the future.
e-SUV's Two Cadillac electric SUV's will be the first to launch, followed by the GMC Hummer electric pickup truck that was teased in an ad during the 2020 Super Bowl.
2023 Next are three more Cadillac EV's and six Chevrolet, Buick or GMC EV's by 2023.  GM's plans were unveiled during a Wall Street analyst meeting in February.  The EV's will join GM's growing lineup of hybrid and all electric vehicles including their all electric bikes, the Meld and the Merge that can be purchased in The Netherlands and Belgium.
Designed to Be Profitable GM CEO Mary Barra says, she has designed GM's EV strategy to be profitable.  In orde…

Electricity from Thin Air - New Invention

New Device Generates Electricity from Moisture in the Air

Potential Green Energy Gamechanger
Scientists at UMASS Amherst have invented a device that uses a natural protein to create electricity from the moisture in the air.  They call it the "Air-Gen" for air powered generator.  The device doesn't need sunlight or wind and creates clean energy 24/7.  It's a renewable process that works off the moisture in the air, both outdoors and indoors.  The inventors say it is low-cost, renewable and nonpolluting.

Big Energy Possibilities
The system now can power small electronic devices.  The team wants to take it to the commercial level to power electronics wearables and smartwatches.  They foresee the day when this system could eliminate the need to plug in your smartphone for energy.  Their system eliminates the need for batteries.

How It Works
The UMASS system connects electrodes to unique protein nanowires.  It results in low cost electricity generated from the air. UMASS is …

Solar Electric Flying

BAE System's PHASA-35 Solar Aircraft

Potential to be Airborne for a Year 
British defense giant BAE Systems just unveiled and test flew a solar powered, unmanned aircraft called the PHASA-35.  The plane, designed for the military, has the potential, according to BAE, to remain airborne for a year without ever touching down.  PHASA stands for Persistent High Altitude Solar Aircraft.  It's a unique EV that could usher in a new form of green flying.

Satellite Replacement
One of the many things fascinating about this new solar electric aircraft is the potential uses.  BAE says it's an affordable and persistent replacement for satellites.  They add it can be used for communications, 5G networks and surveillance.  The highly advanced EV can avoid bad weather by soaring into the stratosphere.

Maiden Flight
The plane was built in collaboration with BAE subsidiary Prismatic that is located in Slovenia.  It has a 35 meter wingspan.  Incredibly, the EV went from design to flight in less…