2021: Kia's Halo EV Affordably Priced

High Performing Halo EV 2021

Setting New Standards at Affordable Price Kia plans to launch a high performance, all electric vehicle - the Halo - in 2021.  Kia is promising the EV will have long range, very high performance and ultra quick charging. And, very importantly, they say is will be reasonably priced at considerably below the cost of Tesla, Mercedes and BMW EV's.  Kia's goal is to establish its electric vehicle leadership by setting a very high bar in the EV global industry. Being all-electric, the Halo will have zero emissions.
Halo Crossing Boundaries The Halo is expected to blend the boundaries between sedans and SUV's.  Part of the mindset behind the Halo is the EV concept car Vision, that Kia showcased at the recent Geneva Auto Show.  Kia won't launch the Halo until 2021 because they're waiting for parent company Hyundai's new, all electric platform that it wants to use to build the group's electric vehicles on across all Hyundai brands.

New Book "Electric Vehicles For All" by Edward Kane

On Amazon and Kindle ASIN: B084TRHRH1ASIN: B084T37NBC
Latest 2020 EV's and Exciting Concept EV's Journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Electric Vehicles for All" has just been published as an e-book on Kindle and a paperback on Amazon.  For a free sample read. go to For anyone interested in electric vehicles, including mass appeal, affordable ones, Ed's  book profiles the latest 2020 EV's rolling out globally and exciting, brand new concept EV's that will be launching during the decade.
One Stop Information Source on EV's Ed's book is a one-stop source for everything about EV's that you'll want to know including e- cars, e-trucks, e-SUV's, e-bikes, e-planes and flying taxis, along with the breakthrough technologies behind them.  To take a look at Ed's  books on new innovations, go to  I …

Sliding Glass Door: Remote Pet Control

New Device to Remotely Let Pets In and Out  Thru Your Sliding Glass Doors

Wayzn Automatic, Smart Pet Door With Your Smart Phone 
A new invention turns your sliding glass doors into a very smart, automatic pet door when you're not a home.  It puts you in control of the pet going in and outside through your smart phone.  The device is called Wayzn..  The company, which is US based,  says  the device can be installed by the owner within minutes. The smart device detects the pet at the door and sends the owner an alert to let the pet outdoors or to come back inside. The process is remotely handled by the dog/pet owners.

You and Your Dog Working Remotely
The device works with a camera and smart speakers like Alexa and Nest to give the human owners full control remotely of the sliding glass doors no matter their location. The company says this works with all standard doors and is much more secure than traditional dog doors.  It also folds away when it's not needed.

Lots Of Tech
The Way…

Big Oil Getting Greener

BP, Shell, Total Target Carbon-Free Oil Platforms

Petition Norway for Green Electricity
There's yet another sign that big oil is making an effort to go green and use renewable energy.  BP, Shell and Total have petitioned the government of Norway to connect some of their oil platforms in the North Sea to Norway's power grid.  The oil companies want to reduce their carbon emissions by electrifying the platforms with energy generated by wind and hydro power.

Underwater Cable Connections
The offshore platforms in the North Sea could be connected to the grid by a 300 kilometer underwater cable. BP says electrifying the platforms would significantly reduce carbon emissions. Norway generates electricity primarily from wind and hydro power. Electrifying the oil platforms would replace fossil fuel energy with carbon free energy.

Green Moves
This week, the new CEO of BP Bernard Looney said that BP will radically cut carbon emissions and refocus its business lines on renewable energy.  He h…

Airbus' Radical New Passenger Jet

Blended Wing MAVERICK

Future of Flying & Cutting Fuel Consumption
French airplane manufacturing giant Airbus just disclosed that it has developed and tested a radical new flying machine.  It's a blended wing commercial passenger jet.  The new aircraft has great promise. It cuts jet fuel consumption by 20%.  And the radical, wide bodied, V-type design opens up tremendous opportunities to redesign the cabin area for passengers. In fact, it has the capacity to accommodate many more passengers than traditional passenger jets.

Model Aircraft Demonstrated at the 2020 Singapore Air Show
Airbus says this is radical new aircraft design.  It says it's testing disruptive aircraft configurations like the MAVERICK to evaluate their potential use.  They will continue testing their blended wing aircraft through 2025.  They demonstrated how the concept aircraft works with a small, remote-controlled version at this week's Singapore 2020 Air Show.

Next Priorities: Passenger Experience

US & Europe Take Space Journey to Sun

NASA and ESA's Blackbird Mission

Source: Davos 

Unprecedented Solar Orbiter Probe NASA and the European Space Agency have successfully launched the Solar Orbiter on a journey to the Sun, to take unprecedented views of its blazing solar poles.  The Solar Orbiter took off on top of an Atlas 5 rocket.  The Orbiter separated from the rocket within 53 minutes to go into space flight as planned and is now in communications with NASA.  All of this happened in the past few days.  This unique mission is going very well as it moves along on a very long journey to the Sun.
Mission Unprecedented This US and European mission is unprecedented.   It's expected to help scientists understand how the Sun's massive amount of energy affects humans in space and how it impacts all of us on the Earth. The mission will provide unique images, views and data of the sun's blazing pole regions, which are critical sources of data.
Ten Year Journey The orbiter is equipped with awesome equipment includi…

BP Commits to Cut Carbon Emissions

British Petroleum Goes Green - "Reimagining Energy" Commitment

Aggressive Commitment to Eliminate or Offset Carbon Emissions Big oil is at the epicenter and the primary cause of global climate change.  So it is major news when the British oil giant BP promises to eliminate or offset all carbon emissions from its operations and from the products it sells globally by 2050. This is the most radical strategic position that BP has taken in its 111 year global oil and gas history. They call their commitment "Reimagining Energy". The question being asked by many around the world is:  How is BP going to do it?
Huge Amounts of Carbon Emissions Yearly The amount of toxic carbon emissions that BP is committing to eliminate is huge.  Every year, 55 million metric tons of carbon emissions spew into the atmosphere from BP operations. That amount is dwarfed by carbon emissions from BP customers using their energy products.  Global BP product use creates 360 million metric tons of c…