World's 1st Drone Cleared for Heavy Cargo Trials

Booming Drone Business China's Ehang is the world's 1st autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) & eVTOL company approved to perform commercial trials of carrying heavy cargo in its passenger drones.  The pilotless Ehang 216 drones can carry two passengers, go up to 80 mph and travel a distance of 19 miles. It's now the first drone company in the world that is cleared to perform a series of trial tests with the drone carrying cargo loads of 330 pounds and more.
Global Market Size Ehang founder and CEO Hu Huazi says the Chinese regulatory authority's clearance will accelerate the commercialization of  AAV/eVTOL technology and air mobility solutions for logistics. He adds it's a foundation for the world to establish a coordinated and sustainable regulatory environment.  The global market potential for eVTOLs is huge.  Morgan Stanley estimates it at $1.5 Trillion by 2040.  30% of the market share is forecast to belong to Chi…


Green, Clean Travel

Avoiding Crowds on Mass Transit
Most of the world's electric vehicles have two or three wheels - not four!  More than 180 million electric bikes and electric trikes are in use globally.  Bloomberg NEF forecasts that the number will escalate to 600 million by 2040.  By far, China accounts for most of the e-bikes and e-trikes.  But sales are also rapidly rising in Europe, the US, India, Taiwan and Vietnam.  The number of electric cars won't come close to 600 million any time soon.

Changes to Global Transportation Through Pedal Power
The e-bikes and e-trikes are driving major changes in global transportation.  They are responsible for more avoided oil consumption than any other transportation vehicle category.  e-bike technology is hitting stride as the bikes become lighter and faster. Pedal assisted models can reach speeds up to 30 mph, helping people to commute, avoid public transportation and get exercise along the way.  2020 was suppose to be the year of the e…


Jet Pack Aviation's Personal Air Mobility

New Mode of Flying - SPEEDER
Jet Pack Aviation of California is in the business of inventing jet packs as a new means of transportation for consumers and the military.  Their latest flying model - the Recreational SPEEDER, they say, is like riding a motorcycle in the sky.  It's the first turbine powered, fully stabilized VTOL (vertical take off and landing) personal aircraft ever built.  Because it is fully stabilized, very little training to fly it is required.  The vehicle is in the flight testing phase.  It is a brand new form of personal air mobility.

Consumer and Military Versions of SPEEDER
SPEEDER has a maximum speed of 150 mph, a range/endurance of 30 minutes and maximum thrust of 1200 pounds.  As it's a VTOL, it can take off and land almost anyplace and can fly up to 15,000 feet in altitude. There are two recreational versions.  An ultralight version that requires no pilot's license, goes up to 60 mph and is limited to fiv…


US & European Regional Travel on the Rise

Marriott CEO's Global Hotel Perspective
The pandemic was particularly inhospitable to the global hospitality industry.  As Covid-19 cases soared, air travel ground to a halt, lockdowns forced people to shelter at home and bookings at global hotel chains plummeted.  At Marriott, room occupancy rates dropped to 5% in some US hotel properties and to 7% in Marriott hotels in China.  The rates have rebounded in China to 40% and in the US to 20%.  CEO Arne Sorenson says he's starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel for global hotels:  a pickup in personal and business travel.

Profound Economic Impact
Sorenson says the impact of the pandemic on Marriott's global business is worse than 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis combined. He doesn't expect global occupancy to return to the average of 71% for a few years.  But there are positive signs.  US downloads of top online travel agency apps like Expedia have comeback to pre-pa…


All-Electric Cesna Grand Caravan Takes Flight

Retrofitted, Electric Cessna Commuter Plane
A Cessna commuter plane, retrofitted to be all electric powered, has been successfully test flown in Washington state.  It is the biggest electric plane now flying.  It's the invention of electric motor maker MagniX of Redmond, Washington and flight testing contractor AeroTEC.  They converted a 9 passenger, single engine Cessna 208B Grand Caravan into an electric plane that flies on battery power.

"Electric Flight Is Here"
In its test flight, the Cessna Grand Caravan flew for 30 minutes and made a picture perfect landing.  AeroTEC CEO Lee Human says the demonstration proves "electric flight is here today." The two companies hope to have FAA approval of their all electric aircraft by late 2021 in order to begin commercial operations.

Proof of e-Flying
The flight of this electric plane establishes several aviation milestones.  It is proof that green electric flying can perform and…

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Cars

Emissions Free Mobility

BMW's Strategy & Commitment
BMW is strongly committed to hydrogen fuel cell technology as an alternative to gas powered car and electric vehicles.  There are two key reasons:  hydrogen powered cars are zero emissions and require zero charge times.  In fact, BMW has unveiled images of the powertrain for its BMW i Hydrogen NEXT.

Future of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
The future of hydrogen fuel cell technology is big but the infrastructure to sustain it needs to be in place for a big takeoff.  Here are BMW's perspectives on what is needed to make this zero emissions technology go mass market:

Production of sufficient quantities of hydrogen for hydrogen fuel cells at a competitive price using GREEN electricityHydrogen fuel cell tech starting in long distance, heavy duty transport that can't be electrifiedExtensive networks of hydrogen fueling stations in Europe to start.Hydrogen World BMW is committed to the hydrogen fuel cell technology. So is Toyota w…


SpaceX Crew Dragon & ISS

2 US Astronauts Hop Onboard ISS
This past weekend SpaceX Crew Dragon with US astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley onboard made it to the International Space Station.  It's an historic accomplishment for a private company and NASA.  The two astronauts will be up there for up to three months doing scientific experiments and celestial observations.

What's Up There?
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