Is That a UFO on NASA's Live Feed?

UFO Caught On Tape Trailing the ISS

    Source:  NASA ISS Feed
Spacecraft With Speeds of 27,000 km Per HourNASA's live camera feed from the International Space Station (ISS)  captured, in infrared video, the speeding image of an unidentified flying object chasing the ISS,  The object was a large white orb speeding at 27,000 km per hour (16,777 mph) behind and toward the ISS.  It was visible in the live NASA feed for forty minutes.  It moved upwards, passed the ISS and then faded away.  UFO expert Scott Warring said it is proof of the existence of an alien space vehicle.Is It A Satellite, Meteorite, Unknown Spaceship from Earth or UFO?The object was first spotted leaving the Earth's atmosphere, which suggests it may have launched somewhere near the planet Earth.  It first appeared as a small dot on the screen and then flew closer and closer to the ISS.  Warring says he thinks the aliens controlling the vessel might have been trying to observe the activities of humans in space.  A…

Amazon's Stunning Self Driving Car ZOOX

Eye-Catching ZOOX Wins California Testing Permit
Source:  ZOOX
ZOOX On the Road With No Human DriversAmazon, the world's largest online retailer, is aggressively expanding and investing in self-driving technology.  And, it just scored a big win in California. Amazon acquired the autonomous car maker ZOOX in June.  ZOOX just was awarded permission by California state authorities a test permit to drive its self-driving cars on the roads without a human, backup driver onboard.  As you can see in the image, the ZOOX is an eye-catching autonomous vehicle.Next Steps For ZOOXZOOX will be testing two self-driving vehicles with no human drivers onboard on designated streets near its Foster City, California headquarters.  Other major players like Google's Alphabet parent company's Waymo, China startup AutoX and Nuno have received similar test permits that they are using to test their vehicles.  Self-driving vehicles with no human backup drivers onboard are a big part of the future of …

"Russia's Planet" - Venus

NASA Solicits Private Companies to Mine the Moon

    Source:  NASA - Venus

Is This The Rise of Planet Snatching?The head of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, claims that Venus is a Russian planet.  His reasoning is that a Russian spacecraft was the first and only spacecraft to do a soft landing there.  He added Russia wants to send its own new mission to Venus in addition to an already proposed joint venture with the United States called "Venera-D".President Trump, The Planet SnatcherRogozin is a a former deputy Prime Minister of Russia.  Several months ago, he accused President Donald Trump of planet snatching as the US started a process of developing international accords to govern mining rights and other commercialization of the Moon and planets.  Last week, NASA began seeking private companies that are part of lunar missions to provide NASA with moon dirt and moon rocks and be paid for it.Venus and LifeThe Russian Space Agency leader's claim that Russ…

Getting Your Groceries by Drones

UK's Tesco & Manno Aero Drones of Ireland Partner

    Source:  Manno Aero Drone

New Tech, Drone Grocery Deliveries to Start in IrelandThe world's 3rd largest supermarket/retail group Tesco is partnering with Irish entrepreneur Bobby Healy and his Manno Aero drone company to test home deliveries of groceries by Manno drones, first in Ireland.  Healy's drones are currently following fast food deliveries with their drones.  Tesco is headquartered in the UK. Its CEO Dave Lewis calls drone grocery deliveries the kind of disruptive innovation he wants to do.  Manno is an accomplished drone company and has been delivering medicine during COVID in Ireland.  Tesco CEO Dave Lewis says Manno has the proven capacity to deliver goods with its drones and now he wants to apply it to Tesco operations, specifically for its grocery store customers.Next Steps - Real Fast OrdersTesco will start with delivering a few grocery items per household in Ireland within 30 minutes to an hour of the …

Tesla Mega-Batteries Keep UK Lights On

A First in the UK

    Source:  Tesla Megapack Batteries

Tesla As An Energy ProviderFor the first time, a Tesla UK facility composed of six huge, megapack batteries kept the lights on in Britain.  The breakthrough, renewable energy event happened this week.  The Tesla batteries helped balance electricity supply and demand and kept Britain out of the dark. Since March when the pandemic hit with full force, electricity demand in the UK has been very difficult to predict.National GridThe Tesla facility's six giant batteries store energy from renewable energy sources for use at times of peak demand.  A new computer system used by energy utility National Grid in the UK allows the company to tap into new technologies like Tesla batteries in their efforts to balance supply and demand. For National Grid, use of green renewable energy is crucial to reach their goal of operating the grid with zero carbon emissions by 2025. Tesla As An Electric UtilityTesla was awarded an energy generation lice…

Elon Musk: "Embrace Tunnels" in Vegas, Plus

Vegas Tunnel Project to Move Self-Driving Cars About Done Source:  The Boring Company Vegas Loop
Elon Musk's Vision - "Embrace Tunnels"Entrepreneur Elon Musk has made major global news in 2020 with his huge SpaceX accomplishments and Tesla leadership in electric vehicles.  He's about to make more news with his tunnel company, The Boring Company.  Musk has almost completed his first operational Loop tunnel under Las Vegas.   In a tweet, Musk said that tunnels under cities with self-driving cars "will feel like warp drive".  That's his description of the future of urban transportation.  For the past year under contract by the city of Las Vegas, Musk has been building an underground loop tunnel system for public use.  It will shuttle passengers in self-driving Tesla cars to destinations in Vegas within minutes.Musk's VisionTunnels are a key part of Musk's green, driverless urban transit vision along with electric vehicles and self-driving technology.…

Top New Inventions for the 2020's by Ed Kane

Just Published by Amazon and Kindle     Source:  Amazon

Top New Smart Devices, Future Travel Vehicles, RobotsJournalist Edward Kane's latest e-book "Top New Inventions for 2020's" has just been published by Amazon and Kindle.  If you'd like to be in the know on the top new smart devices, robots and future travel vehicles, this is a book you'll enjoy.For a free preview, go to    I co-authored the book with Ed.