Hyperloops About to Takeoff

US Dept of Transportation Pushes the Technology Forward

LA to Vegas in 20 MinutesIn the US and Dubai, hyperloop transportation is very close to reality.  This summer, the US Department of Transportation became the first government agency in the world to issue guidance and establish regulations for hyperloop technology.  In the US, Virgin Hyperloop and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (TT) are working on hyperloop technologies and projects in population centers like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Chicago. In the United Arab Emirates, the first commercial hyperloop operation developed by Hyperloop TT is expected to break ground later this year.
What Does This Mean For You?It would mean getting to your destination at incredibly fast speeds.  For instance, LA to Las Vegas in 20 minutes. Chicago to Pittsburgh, with 5 stops in between, in 45 minutes. The hyperloop uses magnetic levitation and vacuum pumps to propel a pod, carrying passengers, through a tube at speeds up to 700 mph.  Accordin…

SpaceX Mission to ISS Returns Safely

2 NASA Astronauts Safely Return to Earth
SpaceX Founder Elon Musk's Magnificent AccomplishmentFor the 2 brave astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, who took the ride of their lives on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and hurtled into space onboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the ISS in May, it is now mission accomplished. They made it safely back to Earth today, having accomplished the first private space mission with US astronauts launched from the US into space for NASA.  They've made history. Perhaps NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine put it best calling the mission "the next era in human spaceflight", as NASA will be purchasing space rides from SpaceX.  For SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk, this is a huge accomplishment that he says he wasn't sure he could do when he founded SpaceX in 2002.  He kept on perfecting his rocket science technology and he did it with a great victory today.
SpaceX VictoriesFor Elon Musk and his SpaceX team, the accomplishments of the C…

Dutch Flying Car Readies for Takeoff

PAL-V May Be the Flying Car Closest to Public Availability

Driving on Roads in the Netherlands in AugustIn August, the Dutch flying car company PAL-V will be allowed to drive the flying/driving vehicle on roads in the Netherlands for the first time.  The National Road Traffic Agency is currently performing its last round of inspections before the PAL-V joins regular highway traffic.  This is a major step forward toward making the PAL-V available for commercialization and deliveries to the public.  PAL-V appears to be at the head of the pack in the emerging flying car industry.  This vehicle could also be on the roads of New Hampshire in the US.  NH has just passed landmark legislation in the US allowing flying cars to drive on its public roads.  PAL-V's US office is located at Manchester Airport in New Hampshire.
Public AvailabilityThe PAL-V company (Personal Air Land Vehicle) says the flying car will be available to the public in 2021.  It expects to start commercial production in …

SpaceX/NASA Astronauts Returning to Earth

2 NASA Astronauts Fly Crew Dragon from ISS to Earth

History Being Made AgainNASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are making history once again.  At this moment, they are flying SpaceX's Crew Dragon back to Earth, after spending two months aboard the International Space Station (ISS).  Crew Dragon undocked from the ISS Saturday at 4:35PT.  NASA TV is broadcasting the return live.
Smooth SailingThe return to Earth has been smooth sailing thus far.  Splashdown is set for Sunday 11:48 AM PT in the Gulf of Mexico off Pensacola, FL.  The only variable is the weather with Hurricane Isaias menacing Florida.  If the weather gets stormy, the astronauts have enough food on board to stay in orbit for several more days.
Harsh Conditions During Re-EntryThe re-entry process is dramatic.  The spacecraft will be travelling at 17,500 mph as it approaches reentry and it will endure maximum temperatures of 3500 degrees F during re-entry.  A SpaceX recovery vessel will meet Crew Dragon at splashdo…

Super Ferry, SuperYacht from Italy

$39 Million Xenos in a Class of its Own
Source:  Lazzarini Design Studios

Ready to Serve as Your Next Ferry RideThis may be the superyacht of all yachts.  It's the $39 million Xenos that can hit 100 mph and comes with a complementary $3 million Bugatti Chiron, which is one of the fastest and most powerful cars in the world.  Interestingly, the superyacht is loaded with integrated solar panels to incorporate a more green performance.  And it can function as a superfast ferry with plane-like seating for 180 passengers.  This is travel innovation from the Italy based Lazzarini Design Studio.  Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini calls it a hyperyacht, that comes in both standard and hydrofoil versions.
Lots of TechAt the top model level, the Xenos packs 15,000 horsepower and can hit speeds of 90 knots, making it the fastest ship in its category of 130 feet in length and 28 feet in width.  It's made of carbon and aluminum/steel with solar panels on the roof.  The vessel is loaded with anti-C…

NH's Landmark Flying Car Law

On NH Roads, Flying Cars Are Legal

The Jetsons Law - Landmark LegislationNew Hampshire is the first state in the nation to allow flying cars to drive on its public roads.  NH Governor Chris Sununu signed into law a bill making the Granite State the first in the US to allow pilots/drivers to drive their flying cars legally to the airport for takeoff and then drive them to their final destination.  This is historic, landmark legislation for the flying car industry. The so-called Jetson Law makes flying cars road legal.
Terrafugia and Samson SkyThe new law doesn't allow flying cars to take off and land on public roads.  It is an acknowledgment that the future of travel for the public will include flying cars.  The biggest players in the flying car industry are US and Dutch based.  Terrafugia is a Massachusetts startup that is owned by the global automaker Geely of China.  Terrafugia has more than 100 employees working on their flying car prototypes.  Another major player is the Dutch c…

Amazon's $10B SAT Broadband Internet Network

Global Broadband Internet Access

Source:  NASA Satellite Constellations
Amazon Competing Against Space XAmazon is investing $10 billion to build a network of 3,236 satellites to provide high speed, broadband internet services to people around the world, including those who lack access.  The announcement comes within a day of Amazon posting the biggest profits in its 26 year history.
FCC Approval for the Satellite SystemThe Federal Communications Commission just gave Amazon approval for its Project Kuiper for a constellation of low earth orbit satellites.  The Amazon satellite network is in direct competition with SpaceX's Starlink.  SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has already launched more than 500 satellites into low earth orbit to provide inexpensive global internet access.  He plans for a system of 12,000 satellites.  Starlink will start offering broadband services to the US and Canada by the end of this year.
Crowded SkiesAmazon says its system will also benefit wireless carriers offering 5G…