Surprising Enterprise to Meet Global Vaccine Need

TESLA & CureVac of Germany - Could It Be a Gamechanger?
Tesla, the world's top electric vehicle manufacturer, is working with a German biotech CureVac to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.  CEO Elon Musk says, as a side project, he's building RNA microfactories for CureVac and possibly for other vaccine research groups.  On Twitter, Musk has said synthetic RNA has "amazing potential" as an approach to immunizing patients against COVID-19.

CureVac Credentials
CureVac is one of only 18 drug companies around the world with COVID-19 vaccine candidates in clinical testing.  The company is working with so-called messenger mRNA, which deliver instructions from DNA to the body's protein makers - ribosomes.  CureVac's approach is to customize mRNA to command ribosomes to make proteins that fight specific diseases like COVID or create antibodies to fight them.  Several other drug companies including Moderna and Pfizer are taki…


'Future of Transportation 2020's & Beyond"  by Edward Kane

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Amazon/Kindle has a special promotion going on journalist Edward Kane's very recent book: "Future of Transportation 2020's and Beyond", which ranks #4 in Amazon's Transportation books section.  It can be ordered for free through July 16, 2020.  As you can see in the enclosure below, it gets 4, "thumbs up" from the Administrators of MeWe's Technology Rocks group.  To access a free copy, go to  I co-authored the book with Ed.
"Future of Transportation 2020's & Beyond" Free Copies
Free book on Future of Transportation 2020's & Beyond" on Amazon. Electric planes, e-cars, hyperloops, eVTOLs, super…


DARPA's Blackjack Satellite Program on a Space Rideshare

Small Sats, Low Cost, Low Earth Orbit
Ridesharing is a growing megatrend in Space.  A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will fly on a ridesharing mission, early in 2021, carrying a Loft Orbiting satellite with a DARPA Blackjack Pit Boss mission system inside for a space demonstration.  Loft buys space buses (satellites) and rents space.  The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will be flying onboard the SpaceX rocket with many other customer payloads.  DARPA's Blackjack programs aims to deploy low cost, small, low earth orbit satellites into operation for the US Military.

Space Experiment
DARPA's testing of Blackjack will commence in early 2021.  The experiment is called Sagittarius A.  It's designed to demonstrate any risks or problems before the main Blackjack satellites go into production and launch in late 2021.

Pit Boss
Pit Boss is the software mission management system that will enable the …

"Future of Transportation 2020's & Beyond" Free Copies

Free Copies of the E-Book on Amazon/Kindle for Limited Time

Great News Resource on Emerging Travel Vehicles

"Future of Transportation 2020's and Beyond " by journalist Edward Kane is free on Amazon/Kindle as part of a special event.  The e-book is normally $4.99 and will return to that price on Thursday July 16.  This is a 5-star rated book (paperback).

If you're interested in electric planes, autonomous cars, eVTOLs, personal mobility systems, hyperloops, supersonic passenger flights and the latest green transportation/technology news, you'll love this book.  If you enjoy it and could provide a good review, that would be very much appreciated  

I'm a US national television business journalist and I co-authored the book with my fellow business journalist (and brother) Ed.  

For direct access to a free book, go to


Invented by South Korean Doctors

Collects Patient COVID Samples
Doctors and researchers at the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials have invented a remote-controlled robot - the KIMM robot - that performs and collects COVID-19 tests from the noses of potential patients.  For medical personnel, there is no direct contact with the patients.  The robot performs the tests and collects the samples by being remotely controlled by a doctor.  This system reduces the risk of exposure to COVID for the medical staff.

Parallel Caregiving
The system is based on parallel caregiving where a doctor in one room tells the robot what action to take.  The doctor and patient are connected by audio and video and stay in constant contact.  This is part of a growing trend of robots being put on the front lines of the fight against COVID.  In Boston, Spot robots were used to screen patients remotely using iPads that enabled doctors to screen and visually assess them.  In Singapore, robots are being used to …


Is It an Extremely Powerful Black Hole or a New Planet?

Celestial Mystery on Edge of Solar System
The space phenomena on the outer edges of the solar system is known as Planet X, Planet 9 and Planet Next.  And, global astronomers are baffled by it.  They are not even sure that it's a planet.  Some scientists speculate it's a grapefruit-sized extremely condensed and powerful Black hole.  It's gravitational pull is so strong that it's also called the Big Perturber.  Among the global astronomy community, opinion is divided.  Some believe it is the new Planet X that is 5 to 10 times more massive than the Earth.  Others think it is a powerful, extremely packed Black Hole with all of its explosive energy and mass inside a ball the size of a grapefruit.  Quite a difference of scientific space speculation!

Tech to Determine by Late 2023
A technology decider is just about to come online.  A powerful new piece of technology. the highly anticipated Vera C. Rubin Observatory is now be…

Top New Inventions for the 2020's by Edward Kane

Paperback Series Bundle of Three New Innovation Books

Future Travel Vehicles, Smart Devices, Top Robots for 2020's

The paperback version of "TOP NEW INVENTIONS FOR THE 220's" - Future Travel Vehicles, Smart Devices and Top Robots by journalist Edward Kane has just been published by Amazon and Kindle.  In this bundled Collection Series, you get three books for the price of two.

If you want to keep up to date on fascinating innovations in travel vehicles, smart devices and robots, you will love this book!  It is also available as an e-book on Kindle.  For a free preview, click here ASIN: B08CPLDRHP   I co-authored the books with Ed.