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Origami Folding Canoe

Canoe Folds and Fits in a Suitcase

Summer Water Sports Innovation My Canoe POP is a foldable, floating piece of innovation that you can paddle down a stream this summer.  It's an Origami folding canoe that goes down  to a small enough size to fit into a suitcase.  In less than five minutes, it can be assembled into a 14.5 foot canoe.  It's an award winning invention and it is safety certified.
Two Seater that Patented The canoe is patented, safety certified and lightweight. It's designed for two people on board.   If you want to adventure into rough water or go fishing, a stabilizer kit is available.  There is enough storage space onboard for camping gear and a cooler. The product is currently priced at $850 and is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.  It's the invention of MYCANOE which specializes in origami folding canoes and kayaks.

Lexus Concept Car: Light in Motion

New Concept:  Hikari Changes Shape, Changes Light

Not Your Father's Lexus
It's called the Lexus Hikari, which in Japanese means light and the principle of light in motion.  This is an incredible new concept car.  Let's just say it's not your average Lexus.  The Hikari changes shape to let the ambience of light into the car or  shade it for a more comfortable drive.  The flexible exterior enables the dynamic use of light. The e-rubber exterior of the vehicle is a next generation material that holds a surface together while allowing it to bend without showing any visible creasing.  And, there's a lot more to this incredible car.

Hydrogen Powered and Autonomous
The Hikari is autonomous.  It's hydrogen powered and lined with fuel cells. There are no visible doors and windows.  The roof controls the ambience to enable the "driver" to work in sunlight or in a shady, more comfortable space as the vehicle autonomously drives along.  This concept from Lexus is a…

Redefining Virtual Reality Displays

Unique VR Headset

Personal Mobile Cinema The GOOVIS Young VR headset has the feel of a gamechanger in the world of Virtual Reality.  First of all, it's not a head mounted computer like other VR systems on the market.  It's a face mounted display that is compatible with just about any device.  It's the creation of Shenzhen NED Optics of China.  The company says this display will make movie theatres obsolete.  They're calling GOOVIS Young the "personal mobile cinema".
Big Screen, Big Functionality The 1080 p display projects images on the equivalent of an 800 inch screen.  It works with laptops, cell phones, tablets and more.  And the functionality is incredible. You can browse the internet, work, watch moves, game and even "fly with your drone".  GOOVIS Young is priced at about $1,000.  Shenzen NED Optics calls itself an innovation company focused on VR, AR and MD headsets.  To take a look at business journalist Edward Kane's latest book on augment…

Space Discovery: Pink Cloud of Baby Stars

Hubble Telescope's Dramatic Discovery

A Star is Born
The Hubble Space Telescope has just discovered and provided spectacular images of a dazzling pink cloud that is a birthplace in the universe for massive stars.  The cloud is known as LHA 120-n 150.  It's a cloud of dust and gas surrounded by sparkling young stars.  You might call it a "space nursery" for baby stars.
Distant Views into Space. The pink cloud is located near the Tarantula Nebula, which is a known hot spot for star formation.  The images that Hubble is now providing to astronomers will help them learn how massive stars are created.  Astronomers' theoretical models indicate that massive stars should form within clusters.  But astronomers are now learning through observation that at least 10% of massive stars form in isolation in space.
Time Tunnel into the Past Hubble is a joint project between NASA and the European Space Agency.  Eight years ago, it started providing humanity with the most distant v…

NASA Makes Big, Uranus Discovery

Massive Plasmoid Tearing Off Uranus' Atmosphere

NASA Spacecraft Flew Right through It NASA researchers have made a remarkable discovery from the Voyager 2 space mission to the outer planets more than thirty years ago in January 1986.  They've spotted a massive bubble breaking away from Uranus' atmosphere that may have taken some of the planet's gassy atmosphere with it.  NASA just announced the discovery.  They're calling it a huge plasmoid loaded with supercharged particles.  Remarkably, the Voyager 2 spacecraft flew right through it.
Plasmoids Plasmoids are massive space bubbles filled with charged particles that can break away from a planet.  They pull charged particles out of a planet's atmosphere and hurl them into space. Such activity has been spotted from Earth and nearby planets but never before on Uranus. NASA scientists are studying this event because, they say, if you change a planet's atmosphere, you can change the planet itself.
Huge Space Event

France's Electric Plane Cassio

VoltAero E-Plane Takes Off

Future of Green Flying
France-based VoltAero is testing its advanced Cassio electric plane with smart electric motors from Safran.  The new e-aircraft is also a hybrid that can fly on biofuel.  It's the creation of aviation industry heavyweights:  former Airbus executive Jean Botti and test pilot Didier Esteyne. So far, they have successfully test flown the plane with two new, Safran smart electric motors mounted on the wings.  Cassio is a 9-seater and has one propeller operating at  the rear of the vehicle.

E-Plane Businesses
Cassio is designed for private owners, air charter and air taxi operations, regional point-to-point commercial flights and other business uses such as corporate travel.  VoltAero is going to offer the Cassio in three versions.  An all-electric model with four seats and a range of 110 nautical miles.  A light hybrid model with six seats and a range up to 320 nautical miles.  And, a full hybrid with nine seats and a range in excess of 3…

DARPA Mr Fix- It In Space

Robotic Satellite Fixing Systems

New DARPA Space Initiative
The US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, has launched an innovative program to extend the life of US satellites orbiting in space.  In essence, DARPA is creating a robotic system to inspect, service, repair, improve and extend the lives of US satellites in orbit.  The program promises significant money savings and much longer and efficient use of satellites.

Space Logistics
DARPA is partnering with Space Logistics, a subsidiary of Northrup Grumman, to develop and deploy advanced robotic capabilities in space.   The first step is to develop what DARPA is calling a "DEXTEROUS ROBOTIC SERVICE".  The technology needed would increase satellite life spans, improve their reliability and resilience.  All of which would save the US government and space companies significant money lost when a satellite's operations breakdown and are currently unfixable in their space orbit.

The robotic se…

Superconductivity Found in Meteorite

1st Evidence of Superconductivity Coming from Space

Breakthrough Scientific Discovery
For the first time, scientific evidence has been found in a meteorite that superconducting materials are produced in space naturally.  University of California San Diego scientists discovered superconducting material in one of the largest meteorites in the world - Mundrabilla that fell to Earth in Australia.  This is a first and superconductors are one of the most coveted materials in the world. For a great news blog with a lot more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Superconductivity in Space: Superconducting Material Discovered in Meteorite Super:  Mundrabilla Meteorite First Evidence of Superc...

A Selfie from Mars

Curiosity Rover Takes an Action Picture

Space Shots
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover snapped a picture of itself after drilling a hole into a rock structure on Mars.  The picture documents the tough job in rough terrain that this remarkable piece of robotic technology is performing.  Curiosity made its way up the steep rocky incline called the Greenheugh Pediment, as seen in the picture behind the rover.

Space Renaissance 21st Century
This is part of an 86 image series taken by the camera on the Curiosity Rover's robotic arm.  For Curiosity, today is day 2,687 roving the harsh and mysterious environment of the Red Planet and sending back images and samples to NASA  Part of that mission is to determine if life ever existed on Mars and if deep within the surface of Mars there is water that could sustain life.

Olympic 2020 Games Must Go On

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Update

Emergency Meeting
The International Olympic Committee just announced that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will not be cancelled.  The IOC just concluded an emergency meeting on Sunday.  This as global coronavirus cases have catapulted past 300,000 and the death toll in Italy alone jumped 800 in the past day. While there will be no cancellation, the IOC is stepping up their "scenario planning" for the Games and a postponement is officially on the table.

Delaying the Games
The Games are set to start July 24, 2020. The IOC will hold detailed discussions to possibly push back the kick-off date. They added cancellation wouldn't help anyone or solve any problems. So cancellation is not on their agenda.

Mounting Pressure on the IOC
Growing numbers of global athletes, teams and federations are calling for a delay in the Olympics as the pandemic spreads in virtually every corner of the world.  The IOC is facing mounting pressure to delay the Games for the sake of …

Renewable Energy Breakthrough Technology

Based On Photosynthesis in a Leaf, Artificial Photosynthesis

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab The new technology is an artificial version of photosynthesis.  It's a dreamed-for renewable energy technology that top scientists and engineers have been chasing for decades.  Artificial photosynthesis has just been achieved by a team of scientists at the renowned Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California.
Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is the sunlight-driven, chemical reaction process that leaves and algae use to convert CO2 into cellular fuel.  Led by scientist Heinz Frei, the Berkeley Lab team has developed an artificial photosynthesis system.  It's composed of nano-sized tubes capable of all of the key steps in fuel generation.
Big Green Deal This new green, renewable energy technology is a very big deal.  The new technology has the potential to generate vast amounts of renewable energy by using the CO2 in the air.
Solar Fuel Tiles
The design enables the rapid flow of protons, genera…

Space Tsunamis

New NASA Discovery

Energy Outflows Accelerating at 46 Million Miles Per Hour
NASA's Hubble space telescope has spotted tsunamis ripping across galaxies in deep space.  The tsunamis spotted by NASA astronomers are actually quasar tsunamis.  Quasars are objects similar to stars in distant space.  NASA just unveiled the discovery.  They are calling it "the most energetic outflow ever witnessed in the Universe."

13 Quasar Outflows Spotted
The outflows from the quasars tear across interstellar space causing massive havoc to the galaxies where the quasars reside. The amount of energy is tremendous.  And the velocities of the quasars is unfathomable - 46 million miles per hour, or as NASA puts it a few percentages of the speed of light. NASA was able to study 13 quasar outflows and also measure the speed of the gas spewing out of them being accelerated by the quasar wind.

Quasars, Black Holes and Galaxies
Quasars contain massive black holes fueled by falling matter rom within them…

Oil on Mars

Essential Element of Crude Oil Just Discovered on Mars

Where There Is Oil, There Could be Life
Two astrobiologists have found the basic elements of oil on Mars.  Jacob Heinz of Berlin's Technische Universit├Ąt and Dirk Schulze-Makuch of Washington State University in Saint Louis have found organic compounds called "thiophenes" that are present in crude oil and coal on Earth.  The thiophenes were discovered in dried mud that NASA's Curiosity Rover dug up in Mars' Gale Crater. This is a remarkable scientific discovery that raises the intriguing question, once again, about life existing on Mars.

Oil and Life
Where there is oil, there many times is life.  The issue now confronting the scientists is how the thiophenes on Mars were created.  Most often  the creation of thiophenes is a "biotic" process that involves living elements.  If that is the case, according to scientist Schulze-Makuch, "there was early life on Mars....and there could be extant life on…


A  Look at the Exciting New World of Personal Mobility

Green, Autonomous, Electric Driving and Flying Journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Future Transportation 2020's And Beyond"  has just been published by Amazon and Kindle.  The book contains valuable, fun, news you need to know on the innovative, new vehicles you'll be driving and flying in.  It's the future of personal mobility that rolling out this decade and beyond.
To take a look go to
You'll love this book and the exciting rides that await you.  I co-authored the book with Ed.

BMW's Electric Commitments

Series 7 Energy Options
Top of the Line Fully Electric BMW is committed to an electric future.  It just announced that its top, most powerful Series 7 luxury sedan will be fully electric powered.  It's also offering other drivetrain options:  gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid in its new Series 7 vehicles.
2022 The new Series 7 will roll out in 2022.  The fully electric version will be directly competitive with the Mercedes EQS and the new Jaguar XJ.  All Series 7 drivetrains will be based on a singe architecture. BMW wants 25% of its vehicle electric by 2021, 33% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.  BMW is the #1 automaker in Germany for electric vehicle sales. BMW owns 21 % of the EV  market in Germany.

Electric Cars for the Masses

VW's New Affordable E-Car

Electric People's Car
Volkswagen is developing an affordable, inexpensive electric compact for the people,  It's called the ID.1.  VW is targeting a price below $22,000 with incentives.  The EV will roll out in 2023.  And, there will also be a cross-over version.  The ID.1 is designed as a city car.  The base version of the electric car is expected to have a range of 300 miles on a charge.  This is a big development in enabling the affordable purchase of green, clean electric cars by the masses.

VW's Electric Lineup
The ID.1 is the smallest ID branded vehicle in VW's lineup of seven electric models. The ID.3 compact is launching in Europe mid-2020, to be followed by the ID.4, formerly known as the ID Crozz. The ID.1 will have a choice of two different battery packs:  24 KWh and 36 KWh.

Affordable Green Driving
VW wants to sell 1 million EV's a year starting in 2023.  In order to achieve that goal, VW will have to offer EV's for every …

Satellites Guiding Autonomous Cars

China's Geely Auto Group Building Network of SATs for Self-Driving Cars

Your Car in Contact with Space Chinese automaker Geely has a space-based plan for "steering"autonomous cars.  It is in the process of building its own network of satellites to provide advanced geolocation and connected vehicle functions for self-driving cars. This is a first in China and Geely's satellites will be solely used to support its autonomous driving vehicles.  It's a very innovative concept to use satellites to track, communicate with and help guide self-driving cars.
Global Operations Geely is a huge automotive player.  It owns Sweden-based Volvo cars, US flying car startup Terrafugia, Malaysia's Proton and has a $9 billion stake in Daimler, the owner of Mercedes Benz. Geely hopes to share and benefit from Daimler automotive technology.  Geely is currently integrating Volvo with Geely operations, which will create a huge, global automotive brand. Now, Geely is kicking off its sat…

Flying & Driving Porsche

Boeing & Porsche Developing Electric Flying Car

Moving into the 3rd Dimension of Travel Aerospace giant Boeing and luxury sports car maker Porsche have teamed up to create a premier electric flying car.  They say that they are exploring the premium urban air mobility market through the extension  of "urban traffic into the airspace." The car-plane combination is clearly targeted at big city commuters who would relish a lift above traffic snarled streets.
Electric VTOL Their goal  is to create a fully electric vehicle that is capable of vertical takeoff and landings - a VTOL.  Both companies view this as a potentially key market segment of the future.  They expect the flying car market to take off in 2025.
VW Going Electric Germany-based Porsche is owned by Volkswagen, the world's largest automaker.  VW has committed to building 22 million electric vehicles across its brands over the next ten years of the 2020's decade.
Tech Race to Electric Skies and Highways There a…

Renault's Incredible Morphing-Size Car

Morphoz 2020 Concept
Source:  Renault
Electric Size-Changing Car Renault's electric vehicle concept is truly unique innovation.  Their concept 2020 Morphoz can be physically expanded for a more comfortable long distance drive and contracted to get around crowded, narrow city streets.
AI Smarts The electric vehicle is also incredibly smart.  It has an AI empowered smart system that enables the car to recognize its driver as he or she approaches the vehicle.
City versus Long-Distance Driving The city driving size of the car is 14.4 feet long with a travel range on a charge of 249 miles.  The long distance version is 15.75 feet long.  With an additional battery onboard, the car can travel 435 miles.
Future of Travel Renault executives view their morphing EV as a shared modular car owned by several drivers.  They call it the future of travel as soon as 2025.

VW's Mobile Robot EV Charger

Self-Driving, Robotic Charging Station Comes to Your Parked EV

Parking Space = Charging Point
Volkswagen has come up with a great piece of new innovation:  an autonomous robot charging station for electric vehicles.  Their self-driving, 100% autonomous robot has the potential to turn every parking space into a charging station.  VW says the robot brings the charging station infrastructure to the car and not the other way around.  It can turn any parking facility into an electric charging facility.  And, VW says it can make this concept a reality very quickly for widespread use.

VW's Mobiler Lauderoboter
The small VW robot is 100% autonomous from self-driving to doing everything needed to recharge the electric vehicle.  When your EV needs a charge, you open a VW app and call the mobile charging station robot to your location.  The robot, known in German as Mobiler Laderoboter, hauls an energy storage device to your vehicle, opens the charging flip, connects the plug and then disconne…

Your Adidas Sneakers in Space

Adidas Onboard the International Space Station

Putting Running Tech to the Distance Test
Adidas is really going the distance.  It just sent running shoe material aboard a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station.  The purpose is to develop the most comfortable, high performance running shoes from experimentation in the harsh conditions of space.  The German based footwear giant is performing the first ever footwear research in space.

One Big Boost in Zero-Gravity
Boost pellets made of the same plastic that Adidas integrates into the soles of its Boost sneakers and other running shoes are undergoing scientific experimentation in space.  This will give Adidas the opportunity to test their performance and maximum configuration in sneakers without the interference of gravity.

World's Longest Scientific Marathon
The plastic pellets are made of two difference polymers with slightly different molecular structures.  Astronauts will watch how they perform in microgravity.  Adidas says…