France's Electric Plane Cassio

VoltAero E-Plane Takes Off
Source:  VoltAero

Future of Green Flying
France-based VoltAero is testing its advanced Cassio electric plane with smart electric motors from Safran.  The new e-aircraft is also a hybrid that can fly on biofuel.  It's the creation of aviation industry heavyweights:  former Airbus executive Jean Botti and test pilot Didier Esteyne. So far, they have successfully test flown the plane with two new, Safran smart electric motors mounted on the wings.  Cassio is a 9-seater and has one propeller operating at  the rear of the vehicle.

E-Plane Businesses
Cassio is designed for private owners, air charter and air taxi operations, regional point-to-point commercial flights and other business uses such as corporate travel.  VoltAero is going to offer the Cassio in three versions.  An all-electric model with four seats and a range of 110 nautical miles.  A light hybrid model with six seats and a range up to 320 nautical miles.  And, a full hybrid with nine seats and a range in excess of 320 nautical miles.

Next Steps
The two smart Safran electric engines are rated 45kW with a peak of 70 kW.  The 170 kW engine can also run on biofuel.  And this very advanced electric plan has a unique front gear for very quiet takeoffs.  It's currently being test flown and being equipped with more technological upgrades.  It will then undergo government certification processes before going into full operations.  Cassio is a look at the future of green flying.


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