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Important Innovation Message

Message from Maryanne Kane of Important Innovations

Personal Message
This is perhaps the last moment or two I can connect with you on G+.  It's been great posting my news blogs on innovation here and seeing your views and likes. It provided a global communication source of what really matters and interests all of us about the future of innovation.  Many thanks and want you to know how much I've enjoyed reading your blogs on G+.

Journalist and Innovation
As a journalist and innovation explorer, I'll continue to post my news blogs on the latest and greatest new innovations.  You can follow me here on my blog.  My national journalist colleague (my brother) Ed Kane and I have co-authored 7 books and counting on innovations across industries.  You can get free borrows and reads at Ed's page   And I'm up on social media.  My email is  It's been a great experience.

Thanks and best,

Important Innovations Collection: MIT's New Energy Red Alert System

Important Innovations Collection: MIT's New Energy Red Alert System: Energy Monitor Detects Electrical Failures Before They Happen Source: MIT Power Monitoring System  Finds Burnt Wires under Gold Cap of Co...

Nanobot Travels inside Human Cells - Medical/Robotic Innovation

Controlled by "Magnetic Tweezers"

Bot 100 Times Smaller Than Width of Human Hair
This medical breakthrough is from a team of roboticists at the University of Toronto.  They've developed a tiny, magnetic nanobot - a nano-bead - that can explore inside a human cell. The  nanobot is precisely controlled by what the team calls "magnetic tweezers" while inside a living human cell.  The control is 3 dimensional and the precision is unprecedented. The nanobot is 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Great Potential
The technology has already been used to study the properties and structure of cancer cells.  It may lead to new treatment methods and diagnoses.  The magnetic control through the tweezers enables the nanobot to make much more precise movements without damaging the cells.

Twenty Year Robotic Journey
Members of the U Toronto team have been building robots that can manipulate individual cells for twenty years.  Until now their approach has been manipu…

Your Brain, Lifetime Learning

Continuous Supply of New Neurons Tied to Lifetime Learning & Memory

Important Discovery by University of Pennsylvania Medical School Scientists
This is breakthrough research from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  The scientists have shown for the first time that brain neurons grow and develop over a lifetime from a single population of stem cells in the hippocampus region of the brain.  That region is the brain's center of memory and learning. It's also a key area of reaction to stress and mood adjustments.

Why is This Important to You
The discovery underscores how a continuous supply of new neurons throughout life is the source of youthful like learning and memory throughout your life.  The discovery was found in research on mice.  And, it sets a new benchmark.  It helps neuroscientists to determine how to enable youthful life brain conditions for memory and learning for all of us throughout our lives.  It's also a path of discovery to repair and regen…

Lights, Camera, Alarm - Smart Security

Yale Smart Security

New System - All-in One Camera Security
Yale is an old line lock manufacturer.  They just came up with some very interesting, new innovation in securing your home and pets.  They've introduced a home security, high definition camera.  They call it the "All in One Camera". This system is particularly designed for the front door where most break-ins occur.  But it also works indoors, for instance to monitor your pets. All in real-time through their system and apps to instantly watch and communicate with your home and pets when you are not there.

There's a lot of tech embedded in this new security system.  The camera has motion activated spotlights, night vision mode and audio capabilities.  The camera's motion detection system triggers an alert to a companion app.  It enables the homeowner to see who is at the door and talk to them via the system's embedded mike remotely. There is a siren to chase away intruders and the system can t…

Important Innovations Collection: DARPA in Orbit

DARPA Launches Small Experimental Satellite

Launch by New Zealand-based Startup Rocket Lab
The successful launch and orbit of the DARPA experimental satellite happened today.  The satellite is testing a new platform of radio communications for small spacecraft.  It's called a "membrane reflective-array antenna."  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: DARPA in Orbit: DARPA's Experimental Satellite Now in Orbit Source:  Rocket Lab's Launch of DARPA Satellite New Zealand's Rocket Lab The...

Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection Message

Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection Message: Important Update on Our Innovation News Blogs Source:  Ed Kane being interviewed on CEO Global Foresight on PBS I've gre...

Important Innovations Collection: Smart Wrist Band

New Biomedical Innovation - Smart Wrist Band for Heart

Early Warning Device on A-Fib and Stroke 
This breakthrough medical device, that looks like a watch, is from an international team of biomedical engineers and scientists based in Lithuania and Sweden.  Their smart wrist band detects early warning signs of A-fib and stroke that can save the wearer time to get medical attention. This is a continuous, easy to use monitoring system.  Up to now, people at risk went to periodic clinic checkups.  Potentially big medical innovation.   For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Smart Wrist Band: Wrist Device: Stroke Early Warning System Source:  Kaunas University of Technology International Biomedical Engineering Breakthrough ...

How Team Sports Improves Kids' Brains

Less Depression

Breakthrough Research
New research from Washington University in St. Louis has documented a big medical benefit  for kids playing team sports.  The scientists have linked participation in team sports to less depression in boys ages 9 to 11.

Brain Changes
The scientists have also documented significant positive brain changes from playing team sports.  In adults, depression is associated with the shrinkage of the hippocampus.  That's a region of the brain important to memory and response to stress.  The new research has shown  participation in team sports  results in "larger hippocampal volumes in children" and significantly less depressions in boys 9 to 11.

Improving Children's Mental Health
The scientists found that non-sports activities like music and art did not have the same effects.  The results were particularly strong in team sports rather than non-team.  More than 4000 children participated in the study, along with their parents.

Important Innovations Collection: Shape Changing Material

New Metamaterials that Change Shape in 4D May Redefine Robots, Aircraft, Medical Devices

Rutgers University Breakthrough Materials Science
Scientists at Rutgers University have invented new metamaterials that don't exist in nature.  The 4D printed materials are lightweight, flexible and can shift their shape and structure in response to temperature. The 4th dimension is time.  Experts think this may enable new generations of aircraft, soft robots and small medical devices.  For a great news blog with  more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Shape Changing Material: 4D Printed Metamaterial Changes Shape When Heated Source:  Rutgers University The 4th Dimension is Time - Breakthrough Materials Scie...

Important Innovations Collection: New Washable, Wearable Display

Breakthrough in Wearables from South Korea

Machine Washable, Solar Powered Wearable from South Korea's KAIST
This is important new wearable innovation from South Korea's KAIST.  The wearable, electronic textile is machine washable and self powered by solar energy.  It may be a gamechanger in wearables.  For a great news blog with more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: New Washable, Wearable Display: Solar Powered Wearable Source: KAIST New Wearable Display From South Korea's KAIST A South Korean electrical engineering team has...

Autonomous Shuttles to Debut in NYC

Optimus Ride

Big Trial Deployment at Brooklyn Navy Yard
Boston startup Optimus Ride will run autonomous shuttle vehicles at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to help workers get around the huge facility.  The self-driving shuttle vehicles will be operating by summer and the company hopes to expand beyond that.  Its an autonomous shuttle vehicle debut in NYC.

Global Testing of Self-Driving Vehicles
Autonomous vehicles are being tested in trial runs globally.  Some regulators, including in the US, have halted some trial projects because of crashes.  US regulators recently halted a driverless school bus trial.

Optimum Trial
Optimus Ride vehicles will operate up to 25 mph.  And the company intends to increase the number of vehicles at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the deployment.  Globally there are a number of high profile projects underway.  Examples include Google's Waymo self-driving vehicles for supermarket shoppers in Phoenix.  And in Singapore, there are driverless shuttles at the Technical …

Important Innovations Collection: Pope Francis & Future of Robotics

Pope Francis and the Future of Robotics

Vatican Conference on AI, Robotics and Humanity
The Vatican is holding a high level conference with scientists, roboticists, ethicists and theologians on the rapidly accelerating innovations in AI, robotics and other emerging technologies.  Pope Francis is urging that the new innovations be studied and utilized to benefit humanity.  There are many important ethical questions about the future of technology and the impact on humanity.  For a news blog with more details including a partnership between the Pope and Microsoft, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Pope Francis & Future of Robotics: Vatican Summit Source:  The Vatican Humans, Robots, AI - The Future At the Vatican, scientists, roboticists, ethicists and theologian...

Important Innovations Collection: Autonomous Driving Toward Mass Markets

Vehicle Intelligence Behind the Wheel

Dawn of Mass Market Autonomous Cars

New vehicle intelligence systems, packing LiDAR and computer vision software, are being touted as enabling the beginning of  mass market, autonomous cars. InnovizOne by Innoviz Technologies, based in Israel, has been cited by CES 2019 as the technology leader in vehicle intelligence systems.  BMW is deploying it in their autonomous vehicles starting in 2021.  For a great news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Autonomous Driving Toward Mass Markets: Vehicle Intelligence Behind the Wheel Source:  InnovizOne Enabling Mass Commercialization of Self-Driving Cars It's the vehicl...

Drinking Water From Air

Small Home and Office Water Generator

By 2025, 2/3rds of the world will face drinking water shortages.  Watergen, based in Israel, says it has a solution.  GENNY is a small home and office water generator.  It can produce up to 8 gallons of clean drinking water a day from the humidity in the air.

Tech for a Better World
At the CES 2019, the company won the prestigious Tech for a Better World award for GENNY.  Watergen says it is revolutionizing the way water is delivered around the world by pulling it out of thin air.  Watergen is expanding operations into the US where it plans to open three manufacturing facilities.

Important Innovations Collection: World's Biggest Air Quality Study - London

Breathe London Project - Kids' Backpacks With Sensors

In London, World's Largest Air Quality Study

The massive, citywide air quality study is being spearheaded by scientists at Kings College London.  It's called the Breathe London Project and schoolchildren are part of the project.  Dyson has created backpacks for 250 students that contain sensors monitoring the air they are breathing during their daily routines.  The sensors are lightweight and show when and where the children are exposed to pollution.  For a news blog with more details on the project, go to
Important Innovations Collection: World's Biggest Air Quality Study - London:  Breathe London Project - Kids' Backpacks Monitoring Air Pollution Source:  Breathe London Project  State of the Art Sensors in B...

Israeli Vision

Very High Tech, Digital Eyewear

Israel's ICI Vision 
ICI Vision of Tel Avis has developed very high tech eyewear for those with vision disabilities.  Their Enhanced Vision Engine (EVE) is a fusion of hardware and software systems that combine AI, computer vision, mini HD cameras and proprietary eye tracking algorithms to bring sight to the virtually blind.

Digital Eyewear Platform with AI and HD Cameras
The technology in the glasses fills in the gaps in the individual's eyesight and projects images to healthy areas of the retina.  The company calls it the first of its kind, individually optimized digital eyewear platform.  The glasses are designed to help the visually impaired better navigate and help to correct blind spots.

Important Innovations Collection: The Best

Latest and Best in Global Innovations

If you are interested in being up to date about the latest and most impactful global innovations, you might enjoy taking a look at our seven book series "Important Innovations Collection" by Edward Kane and co-authored be me.  Ed and I are national journalists and the books are written in a crisp, news summary fashion.  They are easy to read guide books.

The Best
Our latest book "Important Innovations Collection - The Best" contains the latest innovations in:

Smart DevicesAI, VR, Quantum Computing, Next G TVMedical Health, BiotechEnergyRobotsTravel For a free sample read of  The Best, go to To take a look at the entire series, go to And, you can borrow the books for free in the Kindle Library.

Removing Oil from Water

New Global Technology Innovation

Simple, Inexpensive Tech from Purdue University
This is new innovation that is noteworthy.  Purdue University scientists have developed a simple and inexpensive method to remove oil from water.  Why does that matter?  The potential of this new technology is to cut pollution and health risks globally.

Produced Water
The process was developed for "produced water" from oil refining.  2.5 billion gallons of produced water are generated daily by oil refineries.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the produced water has been an intractable contamination problem and hazard.  Purdue researchers say they have developed a purification system that is a breakthrough.

Solar Power+Charcoal+Foam & Goes Full Circle
The Purdue process relies on solar-powered charcoal foam.  The charcoal is heated up by solar energy to absorb petroleum.  The scientists have demonstrated that their process filters out almost all of the oil, making it safe to …

Important Innovations Collection: New German Research on Butterflies & Big Agricultu...

Butterflies On the Decline From Industrial Farming and Pesticides

New German Research Raises An Alarm

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have documented a dramatic decline in butterfly populations.  Meadows, adjacent to high intensity, industrial farming areas, are home to less than half of the butterfly species that are found in nature preserves.  Their research was done in Germany but it is a global wake-up call.  The scientists say the problem is high intensity agriculture and pesticides.  They add there is an urgent need for ecologically sustainable cultivation methods in agriculture.  For a great news blog, go to  Important Innovations Collection: New German Research on Butterflies & Big Agricultu...: Significant Population Decline from High Intensity Agriculture with Pesticides Source:  TUM Harmony Blue Butterfly Butterfly Popula...

Stan - Car Parking Robot - World First

World's First Outdoor Parking Lot Robot Valet Service

New From Stanley Robotics
Stanley Robotics just premiered its car parking robot, Stan. Stan is autonomous and electric powered. The robot is loaded with artificial intelligence. And it's the world's first outdoor parking lot robot valet service. Stan is designed primarily to park cars at airports.  Consider the convenience and time savings the car parking robot potentially delivers to travelers late for a flight.

Robotic Parking System
Stanley has designed more than Stan the robot.  Stan is part of a total package.  The package includes:

private parking lots not open to the general public spacious, bright box-like containers to drop off your carterminal reservation systemStan valetsAI The AI enables the robots to navigate to the car being dropped off.  It gently picks up the car with its arms that are like forklifts.  The robot then slips the car into a parking spot.
Better than Human Drivers The robot is able to park 50% m…

Important Innovations Collection: World's Fastest Super Computer

World's Fastest Supercomputer

US Energy Dept.'s Aurora Exascale Computer at Argonne National Laboratory
The US Energy Department's Argonne National Laboratory along with Intel and Cray are developing a $500 million supercomputer that will be the fastest in the US. It's the nation's first exascale computer, capable of doing one quintillion operations in a second, or 1 billion-billion operations per second.  The potential uses of this computer, designed for the next generation of artificial intelligence, are many including solving some of the world's most complex and important scientific challenges.  For a great news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: World's Fastest Super Computer: US Department of Energy's Aurora Source:  Argonne National Lab  One Billion-Billion Operations Per Second At the US Department o...

Rogue Waves, New Data, More Extreme

Rogue Waves: Becoming More Extreme But Less Frequent

UK's University of Southampton's New Data Research
UK researchers have documented that highly damaging, rogue waves are becoming more extreme.  But they're occurring less often.  For the first time, scientists have used long term data from a wide expanse of oceans to understand how these rare and highly damaging waves develop, occur and behave. They are a major force of destruction for coastal communities when they hit without notice as a tsunami and also as huge, flooding waves that overcome ships and coastal areas.

New Big Data on Very Big Waves
The UK team examined 20 years of data from sensor enabled buoys from Seattle to San Diego. They work in conjunction with the National Oceanography Centre.  They found that the rogue waves go up to 30 meters and usually come in calm seas.  The waves are much more frequent in the winter and in calm sea conditions.  Their innovative research is a start for more maritime safety by pr…

Important Innovations Collection: Innovation Impacting the Environment and Climate C...

New Book - "Important Innovations Collection - The Environment" by Edward Kane

A Book for Anyone Concerned about The Environment & Looking for Innovation Fixes
If you are concerned about the environment and climate change and want to know about new global innovations that may make a difference, you might find "Important Innovations Collection - The Environment" by national journalist Edward Kane very valuable.  It's an easy to read guide book on the latest and most promising innovations to reverse climate change.  It's written as a crisp series of news summaries that bottom-line what you need to know. The book is designed as news you can use not a detailed science dissertation.  You can borrow it for free on Kindle or read a free sample of the book.  For more information, go to Important Innovations Collection: Innovation Impacting the Environment and Climate C...: Important Innovations Collection - The Environment by Edward Kan e Unique, Handy Guide…

Important Innovations Collection: Levitating Objects by Light

Breakthrough Innovation from Caltech - Levitating and Propelling Objects by Light

Important Innovations Collection: Levitating Objects by Light: California Institute of Technology Research Source:  Image from California Institute of Technology Spacecrafts Powered and Accelerate...

Important Innovations Collection: AI, AR & VR - New Book

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality - Handy Guide Book on the Latest

"Important Innovations Collection" by Edward Kane
My journalist colleague has authored a great guide to the latest and biggest innovations in AI, AR and VR.  These innovations are impacting every aspect of our lives.  They're exciting and important to know about.  The book is an easy to read, series of news summaries that bottom-line what you need to know.  If you're curious and would like to sample or do a free borrow, check out Important Innovations Collection: AI, AR & VR - New Book: "Important Innovations Collection - Latest in AR, VR, AI" Unique, Handy Guide Book on the Latest Innovations If you are fasc...

Important Innovations Collection: Powering Your Mobile Devices by Lamps

Scientists in Japan Harvest Artificial Light

New Organic Energy Source - Powering Your Mobile Devices by Lamp

Important Innovations Collection: Powering Your Mobile Devices by Lamps: Harvesting Artificial Light Source:  Kyushu University image  Innovation from Japan This is new innovation and emerging technology f...

UK Space Internet Co. Readies for Blastoff

OneWeb Speeds Up Plans for Global High Speed Broadband Network

Bringing Mobile to the World
The UK based, space internet company OneWeb has just secured an additional $1.25 billion in funding, bringing the total to $3.4B.  That enables it to accelerate plans for a global, high speed broadband network.  They say, they'll have the network launched in 2021.  They've already launched six satellite for service.  By the end of 2019 they'll be launching 30 satellites per month.  For global internet coverage, they'll need a network of at least 650 satellites. And, as the internet of things expands, that number could triple.

Crowded Space
OneWeb isn't alone in its goal to deliver global internet coverage.  Elon Musk's Space X is racing to do the same thing.  OneWeb has big pocket investors including Japan's tech giant SoftBank, Virgin Group and Coca-Cola.  The company is also launching low cost, mini satellites to bring mobile to the world.  One of the great hopes is …

Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection Books

7 Book Series on the latest in Global Innovations "Important Innovations Collection" by Edward Kane
Books on innovations you want to know about written by Journalist Edward Kane in a concise news summary fashion.   These are great reference resources on the latest in global innovations across industries. To take a free read or listen, go to Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection Books: Please check out my seven book series on the latest and biggest global innovations "Important Innovations Collection" by Edwar...

Running a Marathon Blind - Inspiration

World History Made at the New York City Half Marathon

Blind Runner Completes Race with his Guide Dog Gus
Thomas Panek became the first runner to complete the NYC Half Marathon with no sight.  He crossed the finish line with his long time guide dog Gus.  Panek lost his sight 25 years ago but he never lost his love of running. At first frightened to run, he started running again being guided by human volunteers.  But, being tied to another person eliminated the independence of running for him.  So, he tried an innovative approach - running with his guide dog.  He made history at the NYC Half Marathon, finishing the race with his long time guide dog Gus with no human assistance.

CEO/Entrepreneur Panek and His Team of 3 Labs
The athlete is CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a nonprofit that provides "superbly bred and trained dogs for blind and visually impaired, free of charge.  For the NYC race, Mr. Panek actually used his trio of three Lab guide dogs - Westley, Waffle and Gus, each …

Important Innovations Collection: New Drone Perches Like Birds

Yale's New Drone with Talons for Perching & Resting

Greater Energy Efficiency
The new drone developed by researchers at Yale University was inspired by birds.  They've equipped it with robotic talons that allow the drone to perch on ledges and even hang upside down.  The purpose is to conserve battery power.  It also provides the drone more access and enables it to perform more tasks.  For a great news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: New Drone Perches Like Birds: Greater Energy Efficiency Yale's Drone with Landing Gear Nature Inspired UAV Researchers at Yale University have developed a UAV ...

Important Innovations Collection: Super Sponge Absorbs Water from Air

Super Sponge, Solar Powered, Water from Air Harvester

Innovation from University of Texas Austin
This is new, solar powered innovation to collect and clean water out of thin air.  It's a hydrogel hybrid developed by engineers at the University of Texas Austin that is powered by the sun.  One of the world's most pressing needs is clean, accessible drinking water.  This new innovation could lead to inexpensive, portable and small water collection and filtration systems.  For more details go to
Important Innovations Collection: Super Sponge Absorbs Water from Air: New Hydrogel Collects & Cleans Water from Air Source:  University of Texas Austin Solar Powered Water Harvester This is new inno...

Important Innovations Collection: Moving to Hypersonic Speeds

Readying for Hypersonic Takeoffs

Mach 5 Air Flow and Turbulence
An intensive research effort is underway to make hypersonic and supersonic travel faster, safer, quieter and more efficient.  It's being led by a team of aeronautical engineers at the University of  Buffalo.  They are using high performance computing to understand and 3D simulate the air flow around aircraft travelling at Mach 5+.  That's very important because of the turbulence high speed travel generates for the vehicle.  Their research could lead to a new class of aircraft designs.  For a news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Moving to Hypersonic Speeds: Understanding Air Flows Around Hypersonic and Supersonic Vehicles Source:  University of Buffalo 3D computer simulation of turbulence at ...

Farming by AI Powered Robots

New Agritech from UK Provides Massive Data at the Crop Level

Autonomous Robots on the Farm
A new robot powered by artificial intelligence autonomously collects massive amounts of data on crops.  It's called Mamut and was just developed by Cambridge Consultants in the UK.  Crop data is routinely collected by aerial drones.  The flying drones can miss produce hidden under leaves or trees.  The Mamut works on the ground to provide a more complete look. It's designed for farms, including massive industrial farms, orchards and vineyards.

The 4-wheeled autonomous robot is loaded with sensors and AI to gather crop health and yield data as it roams the fields.  It integrates stereo cameras,  LIDAR, a compass, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and wheel odometers.  The onboard AI integrates all the sensor data inputs.  The system provides the farmer easy access to the data to maximize production.

The autonomous robot doesn't use GPS but depends on its own proprietary sys…

Magic Ball, Soft & Strong Robotic Hand

New Innovation from MIT, DARPA and Harvard's Wyss Institute

New Soft Gripper Robotic Hand
The team from MIT, DARPA and Harvard's Wyss Institute have innovated a new piece of robotic soft gripping.  A technology that can pick up a tiny piece of broccoli to a much more heavy drone.  The soft, Magic Ball Robot gripper gently lifts objects up to 100 times its weight.  The concept that inspired the team comes from origami.

Magic Ball is a soft, flexible cone structure with airtight skin and attached to a vacuum pump.  The cone flexes to fit around the object and the vacuum tightens it.  It's worked well in testing. Potential uses include packing and shipping.

Important Innovations Collection: Eggshells -Green Sustainable Energy Storage

World First:  Converting Eggshells into Electrodes

Potentially New, Better Batteries
This is a breakthrough discovery by an international team of scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.  It's the first time that bio-waste - discarded eggshells - have been converted into electrodes.  The innovation can lead to green energy storage systems and better, new batteries.  For a news blog on it, go to Important Innovations Collection: Eggshells -Green Sustainable Energy Storage: World First - From Biowaste to Electrode Source:  KIT Better, New Batteries This is a world first.  A sustainable green energy storag...

Important Innovations Collection: Tesla's New Mass Market Electric Vehicle

Tesla Goes Mass Market, Electric Car with Model Y

Unveiled Today and Delivers in 2020 and 2021
Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk knows he has to deliver an electric car affordable and useable by all of us in the global mass market. Today, he unveiled what he thinks will deliver: his Model Y with a base price of $39,000 with a range of 230 miles deliverable in 2021. with a lot more range, speed, higher price and faster delivery on other models.  For a great news blog to see what you think, take a look at Important Innovations Collection: Tesla's New Mass Market Electric Vehicle: Tesla's Model Y Source:  Tesla Model Y All Electric, Designed for Mass Markets Tesla just unveiled its second, mass market elect...

China's Restaurant Robots

Restaurant Hot Spot Haidilao in Beijing Automated With Plans for Hundreds More

Robotic Restaurants
China's hottest restaurant chain by sales Haidilao is rolling out robot staffed and operated restaurants.  The chain has more than 360 restaurants globally including in the US, Japan and Taiwan.  It recently opened Beijing's first robot staffed restaurant and looks to spread the concept across its system, starting first in China.

Partnership with Panasonic
Haidilao is partnering with Panasonic to automate its restaurants.  It's deploying robots taking orders, preparing and delivering meals, from a fully automated kitchen.  The billionaire founder Zhang Yong says the technology is allowing him to run more efficient, lower cost restaurants.  His goal is to utilize the cost savings and efficiencies to roll out 5000 restaurants globally.  This is a megatrend in the global restaurant industry.  The question is: should you tip your robot waiter?  That's totally up to you.

Important Innovations Collection: Whole Body Regeneration - Genetic Switches

Harvard Research on How Some Animals Regenerate Severed Body Parts

It's All in the DNA
Harvard scientists have made a remarkable discovery.  They wanted to learn why some animals such as geicos, salamanders and worms are capable of what's called whole body regeneration - for instance regenerating severed limbs or tails.  They just reported the discovery of a number of DNA switches that appear to control genes used in whole body regeneration.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Whole Body Regeneration - Genetic Switches: Breakthrough Harvard University Research Source: Stock image of DNA Salamanders, Geicos, Worms DNA Harvard scientists started with ...

New Innovation - Telemedicine Booths

OnMed Telemedicine Booths

Innovation and Technology at the Cutting Edge of Health Care
The concept is drawn from the public accessibility of old, land line telephone booths.  But the application is new, innovative and exciting for telemedicine.  OnMed's Telemedicine Booths have the potential to make health care much more accessible, affordable and convenient for the general public. The company will roll out the first stations in Mississippi in April.

Six Years Under Development
OnMed is a Clearwater, FL based company.  It's been developing this "doctor in a booth" innovative technology concept for six years.  The small booth, OnMed Station is equipped with a ton of sensors, video and audio technologies, including facial recognition technology to ensure privacy.  Doctor and patient can communicate in real time and data can be transmitted to the doctor from the booth.  The data includes weight, height, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.  The system can even provide …

Important Innovations Collection: Mesobot, Woods Hole Oceanographic's New Robot

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's New Deep Diving Robot Photographer

Mesobot - the Very Quiet Robot that Records Deep Sea Creatures
This is an exciting piece of robotic innovation from the distinguished research organization, The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod.  It's a deep sea diving autonomous robot called Mesobot that can explore and photograph very deep sea creatures at depths of thousands of feet with no noise to disturb them.  Its mission can last for 2 days with virtually no human interference. It has just been announced by WHOI.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Mesobot, Woods Hole Oceanographic's New Robot: WHOI's New Deep Sea Photographer Source:  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  Mesobot Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHO...

Kane CEO Communications

National Journalists Providing PR Consulting

Ed Kane and I are pleased to announce that we're providing PR consulting services through Kane CEO Communications.  We are experienced national television journalists and communications consultants.  Our clients have ranged from ExxonMobil and Verizon to small businesses and community hospitals.

Unique CEO Video Interview Services
A unique offering is our CEO video interviews by me, a national television broadcast journalist. I've specialized in interviewing CEO's on television.   Clients use the videos on their websites, YouTube and social media to address their sales target audiences and marketing needs. Examples include MIT and Dana Farber. For a look at our services, go to the Kane CEO Communications website, at  If you're interested in discussing, let us know at or

Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection

7 Book Series on the Latest and Biggest Global Innovations

"Important Innovations Collection" by Edward Kane, a Journalist
I wanted you to know about this very valuable and unique series of  seven books on the latest and biggest global innovations.  It's a handy reference source of concise news summaries on what you need to know about the latest in global innovations across industries.  I co-authored it with my fellow journalist, national TV show creator and brother Ed Kane.  We designed these books with information that we would need to know.  For  direct access, go to Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection: Concise News Summaries by a Journalist on the Latest, Big Innovations I wanted to make you aware of my series of 7 books on the latest a...

Important Innovations Collection: 1st African StartUp on NYSE

First for Africa  - Start Up Company Listed on the NYSE

The company is online retailer Jumia and is based in Nigeria.  It has a wide range of products it delivers throughout Africa by scooters.  Customers now amount to 4 million and the breakthrough innovation in Africa is among other innovations a variety of payment method options including mobile, in a country where infrastructure, addresses and bank accounts are few and far between. For a great news blog on this, go to


Mapping Subterranean Environments

Pentagon's DARPA on a Mission

For First Responders and Soldiers
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, is seeking new commercial technologies to map in 3D underground environments.  The environments include caves, manmade tunnels and other underground structures like subways.  There is a dual need:  for first responders and soldiers.

3D Mapping and Surveying
DARPA wants both 3D mapping and surveying.  They just put out a request for information.  There are a number of conditions DARPA wants to overcome in these environments to enable a more safe and rapid response from rescue teams and combat soldiers.  The problems include GPS not working, narrow passages, darkness and dangerous, limited access.

Top of the Line Available Commercial Technology
DARPA wants highly accurate geolocation data on targeted areas and high resolution georeferenced surveys.  They are particularly interested in top of the line, available commercial technology.
This is another …

Important Innovations Collection: Sounds of Sea Creatures as Sub Detection

Spy Fish - DARPA'S Secret Submarine Surveillance Weapon

All Natural - From the Sounds of Fish
The Pentagon's DARPA (US Defense Dept.'s Advanced Research Projects Agency) is launching a 5 year research program to enable fish sounds to be picked up by underwater sensor networks to detect silent submarines that are undetectable at this time.  This starts with a rigorous study of fish reactions to disturbances in their environment and the development of underwater sensor monitoring stations to pick-up those sounds and provide alerts to the US military about silent submarines. DARPA calls it the third wave of surveillance  that's adds on to passive and active sonar detection systems.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Sounds of Sea Creatures as Sub Detection: DARPA'S SPY FISH Source:  DARPA Living Sea Creature Submarine Detection Sensor System This is an incredible concept that does n...

Important Innovations Collection: Race for Portable Atomic Clocks

Global Science Race to Create the World's 1st Portable Atomic Clock

New Breakthrough from Physicists at the UK's University of Sussex
One of the biggest competitions in the global scientific community is to be the first to create a portable atomic clock.  Physicists in the UK at the University of Sussex have just achieved a  breakthrough by using a highly advanced laser technology that has increased the clock's counting accuracy by 80%.  Experts say portable atomic clocks will eventually replace satellite mapping and GPS.  They add the technology will change for the better our everyday lives.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Race for Portable Atomic Clocks: Global Race to Create the First - New Breakthrough Source:  Drawing from University of Sussex of a Laser Pulse in a Chip UK Physicist...

AI Enhanced Hearing

Evoke's Machine Learning Technology

Very Smart Hearing Aids
It's called Evoke.  It's an AI enhanced hearing aid just developed that's state of the art.  The smart device uses machine learning to optimize sound quality for the listener.  With millions of people globally having impaired hearing, this new innovation has great humanitarian potential. This new technology was introduced at 2019 CES by Widex.  The company calls it high definition hearing.

SoundSense AI Technology
The device's AI SoundSense technology pulls in real time data and uses it to adjust volume and customize settings for the individual. It's a battery-free hearing device.

Widex Energy Cell
Evoke is powered by Widex's Energy cell that combines oxygen and methanol and lasts for 24 hours.  The recharge takes only 20 seconds and it's good to go for another day.

Important Innovations Collection: Samsung's Army of Service Bots

Samsung's New Service Robots

For Healthcare, Home and Retail

Samsung recently unveiled a new set of service robots for health care, home and retail.  They are extraordinary technology.  Bot Care can take your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate.  Bot Air monitors the air quality in your home and if needed remedies it.  And Bot Retail is loaded with tech to assist customers.  Samsung's bots typify the rising tide of the robotic workforce.  For a great news blog go to  Important Innovations Collection: Samsung's Army of Service Bots: Healthcare, Home, Retail Source:  Samsung Bots at 2019 CES Bot Care Samsung recently introduced three new service robots at the 2019 ...

New Motion Capture Suit

For Athletes and Others, Full Body 3D Motion Tracking Tech

XSENS Innovation from the Netherlands
XSENS, based in The Netherlands, is a leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technologies.  Their latest technology offers full body, 3D movement analysis by wireless data capture.  They've introduced two new systems.

MVN Awinda
Their new MVN Awinda offers a full-body motion analysis that's optimized for sports and ergonomic uses.  It deploys 17 wireless trackers wrapped around the performer such as in a headband, wrist, arm and leg bands.  Movement data from them is transmitted up to 60 feet indoors and 150 feet outdoors to a backpack called an Awinda station where the data is streamed live or recorded.

Full Bodysuit
Another new product is the MVN Link bodysuit.  It is a lycra bodysuit with wireless trackers built-in. It comes in 5 sizes and has a wireless range for data transmission of 150 feet indoors and 450 feet outdoors.  The bodysuit transmits the data to a central data link t…