Rogue Waves, New Data, More Extreme

Rogue Waves: Becoming More Extreme But Less Frequent

Source:  NOAA  Images from Huge Wave

UK's University of Southampton's New Data Research
UK researchers have documented that highly damaging, rogue waves are becoming more extreme.  But they're occurring less often.  For the first time, scientists have used long term data from a wide expanse of oceans to understand how these rare and highly damaging waves develop, occur and behave. They are a major force of destruction for coastal communities when they hit without notice as a tsunami and also as huge, flooding waves that overcome ships and coastal areas.

New Big Data on Very Big Waves
The UK team examined 20 years of data from sensor enabled buoys from Seattle to San Diego. They work in conjunction with the National Oceanography Centre.  They found that the rogue waves go up to 30 meters and usually come in calm seas.  The waves are much more frequent in the winter and in calm sea conditions.  Their innovative research is a start for more maritime safety by predicting monster waves where and when they can strike.


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