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Electric Flight from South America

Developing New Tech for Electric Plane Engines

Green Flying
Brazilian electrical engineering company WEG is teaming up with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer SA to develop new technologies for electrical propulsion systems for aircraft.  The development of electric aircraft is a key to reducing global climate change caused by jet fuel emissions and other major sources of carbon dioxide emissions.

Blue Skiing into Greener Skies
The first test flight for an innovative electric motor by the Brazilian team is scheduled for 2020. The team says they will use a single engine EMB 203 Ipanema plane.  Experts forecast that aircraft design will be revolutionized by radical changes in propulsion systems.  That's why the Brazilian team effort to develop an innovative electric motor for aircraft is so important.  Nations are at the ready to go electric flying. Leading the way is Norway.  It has targeted that all of its domestic flights will be on electric powered planes by 2040.

Important Innovations Collection: List of Top New Gadgets

Book on Latest Top New Gadgets Invented Globally

I co-authored this new book with fellow national television journalist and my brother Ed Kane.  It contains easy to read, news summaries on the latest, global gadget inventions.  We've enabled a free Kindle Library borrow for all interested in new gadgets they might want to use.
Important Innovations Collection: List of Top New Gadgets: Global Inventions You'll Enjoy Latest Top New Gadgets My latest book "List of Top New Gadgets" has just been pub...

Important Innovations Collection: 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft

Your Personal Air Mobility Vehicle with No Emissions

Skai - Engineering and Avionics from Massachusetts & Design Input from BMW
The inventors call this the fuel cell powered aircraft of the people to get above traffic jams.  The drone-like aircraft is hydrogen fuel cell powered and has zero emissions.  This model, pictured above, was just unveiled in southern California.  It's a collaboration between US based Alaka'i Technologies and BMW's design group in southern California.  It is sleek, powered by 6 rotors, a hover craft,  needs a lot of testing, but the inventors say it's practical and affordable.  For more, go to
Important Innovations Collection: 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft: People Mover - Air Mobility for the People Sleek Looking and Ready for Testing The world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered flyi...

World's 1st Flying/Driving Drone

Drone Shifts from Air to Ground

The Flying STAR drone can drive, fly and even make itself smaller.  All of these functions are achieved using the same set of motors.  FSTAR stands for flying, sprawl-tined autonomous robot.  It's an outstanding achievement by a team at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.  It flies like a quadcopter, drives on tough terrain and squeezes into tight spaces.

A First
This drone is a first.  It can travel on the ground up to 8 feet per second, can climb or go under obstacles and compress itself to traverse narrow spaces.  The drone flies flat.  The sprawl, which adjusts from flat to 55 degrees, allows it to transform from a flying quadcopter to a car-like robot. This hybrid flying, driving quadruped is unique.  It has low power needs and may have a big role in package delivery, search and rescue and other uses.

Important Innovations Collection: Clean Energy thru Food Fermentation

New Tech to Convert Food Waste into Clean Fuel

Food Fermentation Process with a Special Cocktail
This is a great new technological innovation to convert food waste into clean, green energy.  It comes from Canada's University of Waterloo.  A team of engineers, concerned about fossil fuel CC damage and the huge amount of global  food waste, have come up with an affordable, productive way to convert scrap food into clean energy.  For more info, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Clean Energy thru Food Fermentation: New Process Converts Food Waste to Clean Energy Source:  University of Waterloo, Canada Microbial Cocktails A team of engineers a...

Robot to Build Better Robots

Robot to Help Roboticists Invent New Robots

Kinovo Robotics Movo Robot
This new robot is designed to help roboticists create new robots.  It's a two armed robot, a Movo Robot, built by Quebec-based Kinovo Robotics to build better robots.  This is a complete model specifically designed for researchers to use a robot to scan around for simultaneous localization and mapping research (SLAM).  It is WiFi enabled, can operate autonomously or by remote control.

Omnidirectional Wheels
The robot comes with one or two arms and a set of grippers.  It's designed to research how a robot can scan the environment and move around most efficiently and accurately.  It has omnidirectional wheels, LIDAR, and a head mounted, depth sensing Konect One  camera.  Onboard Intel CPU processes the robot's date collection, allowing it to control its movements.  It has a rechargeable battery with eight hours operating time.  It's the Roboticists' Robot.

Important Innovations Collection: Vienna's Intelligent Traffic Lights

Smart International Pedestrian Traffic Lights

Innovation from Vienna
These may be the world's most intelligent traffic lights.  Created by a research team at TU Graz, they incorporate cameras, computers and algorithms to predict the intention of a pedestrian moving toward a road.  This is not just a smart traffic light.  It's very advanced technology to make roads safer for pedestrians and drivers.  Just invented in Vienna, Austria. For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Vienna's Intelligent Traffic Lights: Making Streets Smarter and Safer for Pedestrians and Drivers Source:  TU Graz, Vienna Lots of Technology and Research Involved A tea...

Important Innovations Collection: Japan Restricts HiTech Foreign Ownership

Japan Restricts Foreign Ownership in IT and Telecom Sectors

Moves to Protect Technology Innovations

On the very day that President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were meeting in Tokyo, the Japanese Government announced plans to extend their foreign ownership restrictions to 20 sectors of the information technology and telecom industries.  The purpose is to protect  innovations being developed in those industries from leaks and theft.  For more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Japan Restricts HiTech Foreign Ownership: Information Technology and Telecom Protected Source:  Tokyo Skyline stock image Protecting Vital Technological Innovations The gover...

FoodTech, AgriTech Hot in Israel

International Consortium Making Big Investment

Global Food Innovation Center
Finistere Ventures and three Israeli companies have formed a partnership and are investing $100 million to grow AgriTech & FoodTech startups in Israel.  This announcement after the government of Israel established an innovation incubator focused on food technology.  The incubator is being built in northern Israel.  Finistere, which is a global agrifood investment leader, and the three companies say they're going to bid to operate the incubator.

Very Big Food Players
The four partners are all big players in the food industry and they are betting big on agrifood innovation.  Finistere is backed by investors like Bayer and PepsiCo.  Tnuva, Israel's largest food company that's controlled by China's Bright Foods, is a partner.  Beverage maker Tempo and Our Crowd, which is one of Israel's biggest venture capital firms, are all onboard and searching for innovation technologies in the food secto…

Important Innovations Collection: Origami Invention for Spacecraft

Very Original Origami for Spacecraft Landings

Softens the Blow and Enables Rocket Reuse
A team at the University of Washington has invented an origami inspired metamaterial.  It's designed to soften the force generated when a spacecraft lands and enable its reuse.  The researchers also say it can be used in cars to soften the blow of an accident.  For a news blog with details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Origami Invention for Spacecraft: Designed to Soften Impact of Landings Source:  University of Washington Origami Inspired Metamaterial This is unique innovation deve...

Important Innovations Collection: Fiat Chrysler + Renault

Fiat Chrysler and Renault in Merger Talks

Combo Would Be World's 3rd Largest Automaker
The $35 billion proposed merger between Fiat Chrysler and Renault is in response to the seismic technological changes hitting the automotive industry.  Examples include autonomous vehicles and electric powered cars.  For the latest on the proposed deal go to Important Innovations Collection: Fiat Chrysler + Renault: Proposed Merger of  Equals Source:  Fiat Chrysler Surviving Together Through Massive Technology Change Fiat Chrysler is pressing its...

World's Most Expensive Medicine

Novartis Gene Therapy to Cure Rare Disease in Infants

$2.125 Million Dollar Cure
The US Food and Drug Administration just approved the first gene therapy for a specific and deadly type of spinal muscular atrophy.  This is a very rare inherited disease that is detected in infants.  Novartis has priced the drug at $2.125 million or $425,000 for a five year regimen.  This raises many serious ethical questions about the cost of life saving drugs, who receives them and how to pay.

Novartis Acquisition
Novartis acquired the blockbuster drug through a $8.7 billion acquisition. They are now launching it.  It's raising a lot of issues, concerns and hope.  If Big Pharma can address this rare disease and save infant lives, can it save other lives at birth from other diseases and at what cost and profit for them?

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is an inherited neuromuscular disease that causes progressive muscular atrophy.  The gene therapy that reverses it is Zolgensma, that uses a re-engine…

Rumanian Flying Saucer Technology

An ADIFO - All Directional Flying Object

Not a UFO
This aircraft was developed by a Rumanian aviation expert more than ten years ago.  Now a new team of Rumanian engineers have created a prototype of the flying saucer like aircraft and just successfully completed its first test flight.  It may look like a UFO but it's actually an ADIFO, an all directional flying object.

Highly Mobile and Dexterous
According to the engineers, the aircraft can change direction and angle in mid-air with great agility and even fly upside down.  They say the original aircraft is an extraordinary aerodynamic concept with the backing of thirty years of research behind it.

Future of Aviation
The prototype is a combination of motors to push it forward and rotors to rise in flight.  It's an award winning piece of innovation.  The Rumanian team behind it believe it has the potential to revolutionize aviation and has application to both manned and unmanned aircraft.  They're working on a full size versio…

Important Innovations Collection: Brain Inspired Sports Helmet

New Sports Helmet Inspired by the Brain

Fluid Protection Inside the Helmet
The new Fluid Inside sports helmet takes its inspiration from the brain and its first line of defense against brain injury -- Fluid, specifically Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF).  For details on this innovative helmet, go to Important Innovations Collection: Brain Inspired Sports Helmet: Helmet Mimics Fluid Protection the Brain Provides Source:  Fluid Inside Fluid Inside The new Fluid Inside sports helmet take its lea...

Innovation from Fireflies

Synchronizing Lights by Fireflies - Quite a Light Show

Eco-Tourists Flocking to 2 Appalachian Forests being Lite-Up by Rare Fireflies
This is nature at its most impressive and beautiful.  Swarms of rare fireflies that illuminate at the same moment and stay bright for ten seconds lighting up a remote forest area..  They go dark for a minute and then light up the forest again.  This is such a magnificent phenomena of natural synchronization, it is attracting crowds of tourists who care about the environment.   They are flocking to two remote forests in the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Summer Light Shows
Fireflies that light up and are in sync are extremely rare.  Globally, they are found in the US Allegheny and Smokey Mountains in PA, and TN, also in remote parts of South Carolina and Arizona and in Southeast Asia.  As so much innovation comes from nature, you have to wonder what this magnificent light show display from rare fireflies that live for just a few week…

Important Innovations Collection: Charging Peddle Power

Bike that Charges Your Devices While You Ride

No Batteries Needed
You might call this new gadget charging peddle power.  The CadenceX generator attaches to the front wheel of your bike, spins and generates power to charge your personal devices, bike lights, GPS and more.  For a news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Charging Peddle Power: New Bike Gadget Charges Your Devices Source:  PedalCell's CadenceX No Battery - New Invention It's called the CadenceX gener...

US Investing in Mind Controlled Weapons

DARPA Project Funded and Underway

Non-Surgical Mind Control of Weapons for US Troops
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, has started a research program to develop technology that enables seamless communication between the human brain and machines.  The purpose is thought controlled weapons like sending by thought swarms of drones into the sky to counter a threat or beaming images by a thought from one brain to another.

Very Serious DARPA Endeavor
This is fascinating research that almost strikes you as part of the realm of science fiction.  But it is very real, well funded and purposeful.  DARPA calls the program the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology N3 Program.  Six research teams have received federal funding to make this happen. DARPA goal is for technology that enables a two way channel between the human mind and machines, again with no surgery involved.

Important Innovations Collection: Robot Helps You Lift Objects

MIT's New Robot that Helps Humans Lift Heavy Loads

Human-Machine Collaboration
This is a leading edge example of an AI enabled robot helping humans lift heavy objects.  The robot has just been unveiled at MIT and it points the way to the future of human and robots collaborating to get jobs done more quickly and easily.  For details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Robot Helps You Lift Objects: New MIT Robot Shares Lifting Objects with Humans Source:  MIT Sharing the Load with a Robot MIT's latest robot helps you lift he...

LIDAR to Keep Elderly Home Longer

IBM, Cera Care Test Self-Driving Car Sensors for New Use

Keeping Elderly Home Longer with Tech
This is a six month pilot program to see if LIDAR laser sensors can be used to help the elderly stay longer in their homes.  One of the big uses of LIDAR is to help self-driving cars "see".  IBM Research UK and Cera Care are teaming up to test the unique use of the LIDAR technology,

Mapping Safety
LIDAR uses laser light pulses to generate images and maps of surroundings and to help self-driving cars navigate streets.  In June, 15 volunteer households in the UK will have LIDAR sensors installed by IBM Research UK and Cera Care.  They'll use IBM machine learning software to build a detailed picture of each patient's daily routines and home environment.  They'll utilize the images to pinpoint and alert caregivers of any possible problems in health, falls, etc. during the patient's routine to let caregivers know when they need to be in the home.  It's a cutting edge u…

Solar Powered Smartwatch

Telling Time by the Sun

1st Transparent Solar Smart Watch, LunaR
The sun has always set time for humans, animals, nature and our universe.  So it seems fitting that an innovation company LunaR has created a smartwatch that is solar powered to tell time.  It's called the LunaR smartwatch.

Hybrid Watch with Smartwatch Functionality
LunaR is a hybrid smartwatch that offers solar power capability.  There's an embedded solar panel that can draw enough energy from one hour of sun to provide power to the watch indefinitely.  It offers many functions that other smart watches do like built-in fitness training sensors, LED notifications, vibrating message alerts and displaying two time zones at once.  This innovation comes from LunaR, MEDUSA. It's a fascinating new gadget.

Quicker Sports Injury Recovery Gadget

New Wearable Gadget
Mimics and Accelerates Circulation Spryng wearable aids for muscle recovery were created to help injured athletes recover more quickly.  It accelerates injury recovery time by using pneumatic compression.  The pads which go around the lower legs are designed to be used for fifteen minute sessions.
Mimics Legs' Natural Physiology The device can be used while you're in motion or at rest.  It is wrapped around the calves.  It massages the legs using pneumatic compression in a "Wavetech" pattern that the company says mimics the natural physiology of the legs.  It aids and accelerates blood circulation to speed up recovery time and flush out lactic acid.
Muscle Recovery Gadget The company calls the gadget the world's most advanced muscle recovery tool and claims that it provides faster muscle recovery, better performance and improved circulation.  It mimics natural muscle contractions and increases oxygen supply to your cells.  The battery life is 2.5…

Hot Tech - City Digital Simulations For Driverless Cars

UK's Immense Simulations Gets VC Backing

Big Money Pouring into Software for Driverless Cars
British software company Immense Simulations makes interactive city simulations of traffic and people flows on any given day.  The company today raised $4.6 million in a Series A funding led by UK's Amadeus Capital Partners and Japan's Global Brain Corporation.  This is a major sign of the times.  Investors are betting on autonomous vehicles going mainstream.  So far this year, companies in the self-driving vehicle sphere have raised $3 Billion in funding.

Immense Technology
Immense uses data from mobile phone operators, public transport and telematics databases to build city simulations.  Carmakers use the simulations to test their plans for fleets of autonomous cars on scenarios that are as close to real, congested city conditions as possible.

Immense Simulations has made simulations for driving conditions in many cities including London, Chicago, Montreal and Barcelona. …

Important Innovations Collection: Toyota's 2020 Olympics Taxi

Toyota's 2020 Olympics Taxi Ride

Very Interesting Tech
Toyota's Japan Taxi for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo is designed to be a crowd pleaser for tourists loaded with luggage, disabled individuals in wheelchairs and for people of all sizes.  It's expensive, costing one-third more to build than its predecessor.  The vehicle also has some impressive technology including anti-virus air conditioning.  For a news blog with more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Toyota's 2020 Olympics Taxi: Japan Taxi: Crowd Pleaser with Big Price-tag A Taxi with Something for Everyone The Japan Taxi that Toyota has developed for the 2020 ...

Wind Turbine Innovation

Denmark's Vestas Launches New Turbine in US Market

Blowing in the Wind
Vestas has launched a new wind turbine targeting the US market.  It's designed to simplify how turbines are built and cut costs for the renewable source of energy.

30% More Energy
The turbine produced by the Copenhagen based company has a 138 meter rotor diameter, which is the industry's largest.  The company expects it will produce 30% more energy then previous models.

Modular Design
The new turbine is a modular design to enable more customized turbines to be produced without increasing the number of components.  The new V138 turbine can be sold globally but it's particularly well suited to the US where many locations have capacity restrictions on how many megawatts can be installed and fed into the local grid.  Vestas just announced the new V138 turbine today.

Important Innovations Collection: Self-Driving US Mail Trucks

US Postal Service Testing Self-Driving Trucks

Autonomous Mail Hauling Truck Tests Now Underway
The US Postal Service is testing self-driving trucks for long haul mail delivery between Phoenix and Dallas.  The autonomous trucks are being deployed from the San Diego startup TuSimple.  The project to test the feasibility of moving mail over the nation's highways by autonomous vehicles is underway for the next two weeks.  For a news blog go to Important Innovations Collection: Self-Driving US Mail Trucks: US Mail Tests Autonomous Truck Deliveries Source:  TuSimple Autonomous Truck Autonomous Mail Delivery The US Postal Service has start...

Important Innovations Collection: Visiting World Sites with VR

Visiting Global Heritage Sites with VR

No Need to Leave Home to Tour
This is one of the greatest uses of technology and virtual reality.  Google and a non-profit CyArk have collaborated on a website Open Heritage that allows you to tour global heritage sites via a virtual reality app without ever leaving your home.  You can tour the ruins of Pompei or a 1,000 year old Mayan Temple online and/or enhance it with VR googles right at home.  For a great news blog
Important Innovations Collection: Visiting World Sites with VR: Virtual Reality Tours of Global Heritage Sites Source:  CyArk 3D VR image of ancient stone temples in Thailand  Google & CyArk Co...

1st Great White Shark in Long Island Sound

Good Environmental Sign for the Sound

Marine Scientists Say It's Reason to Celebrate
For the first time ever, a great white shark has been spotted in Long Island Sound.  It was close to the beach at one of the US' wealthiest towns Greenwich, Connecticut.  Marine scientists say that's cause to celebrate.

Good Environmental Message from the Great White
Great Whites are selective in their swimming routes.  They go to clean water that's full of life.  The marine scientists from Ocearch say that the 10 foot shark is a strong indicator that Long Island Sound is in good environmental shape.  That's great news because it's wedged between the coastlines of Connecticut and Long Island, NY.

The Great White was named Cabot, after the explorer John Cabot.  It was tagged in 2018 and is spotted by the tag's pings.  Cabot was tracked in April off North and South Carolina and made its way up to the Delaware Bay last week.  It was spotted passing by Greenwich on Monday.  …

Handy Hank Dexterous Robot

Flexible Robotic Fingers with Human Touch

Big Applications like eCommerce
Cambridge Consultants, the UK's "breakthrough innovation consultants" have created Hank.  The new robot has flexible robotic fingers inspired by the human hand.  Hank is expected by the inventors to have a big application in eCommerce operations that are under pressure to deliver goods cheaply and quickly.

Breakthrough Sensory System
The robot can hold and grip delicate objects using just the right amount of pressure.  It does so by using a pioneering sensory system embedded in its pneumatic fingers.  The fingers are soft and controlled by airflow that can flex the fingers and apply force.

Grand Challenge
The company says Hank could prove very valuable in agriculture and warehouse automation.  For those sectors, as well as eCommerce, the development of robots able to pick up delicate, small and irregular objects has proved to be a "Grand Challenge".  Hank has human like senses in its hand. T…

Important Innovations Collection: Personalized Cooling Heating Wearable

Your New Personalized Climate System

Thermostat Patch Gadget for Warming & Cooling You

Important Innovations Collection: Personalized Cooling Heating Wearable: Thermostat Patch Device for You Source:  UC San Diego Temp Patch Wearable Temperature Control Patch University of California San ...

Important Innovations Collection: List of Top New Medical Innovations

List of Top New Medical Innovations

This new book on the world's top new medical innovations "List of Top New Medical Innovations" by journalists Ed Kane and me, Maryanne Kane contains medical news you can use.  It's news that impacts you and your health.  For details on access, go to Important Innovations Collection: List of Top New Medical Innovations: Latest Medical Innovations Impacting Your Life “List of Top New Medical Innovations” by Journalist Edward Kane, co-authored by Journ...

Important Innovations Collection: Heredity and Dog Ownership

Does Heredity Influence Dog Ownership?

New British-Swedish Research Concludes Yes
The scientists studied the dog ownership patterns of more than 35,000 pairs of twins.  They concluded that genetic variations explained more than half of the differences in dog ownership.  So owning a dog or not appears to be in your genes.  For a news blog on this new research, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Heredity and Dog Ownership: New Swedish-British Scientific Research Source:  Stock Image Owning a Dog is in Your Genes This is fascinating and very substantive ...

Important Innovations Collection: Broccoli Compound Suppresses Cancer

Natural Compound in Broccoli Suppresses Cancer

New Research from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
Scientists in Boston have documented that a natural compound found in broccoli inactivates a gene that is known to play a major role in the development of cancer.  Their findings, just published in the journal Science, could lead to a potential new approach to the prevention and treatment of cancer.  For a news blog on this important medical research finding, go to Important Innovations Collection: Broccoli Compound Suppresses Cancer: Potential New Approach to Cancer Prevention & Treatment Source:  Stock Image of Broccoli New Research from Beth Israel Deaconess ...

Norway & Washington St. Innovation Partners

New Technology Partnership

Environment & Maritime Focus
This is a very long distance technology partnership but their mutual interest and expertise in the environment, technology and the ocean closes the mileage gap.  Norway and the state of Washington have just signed a two year agreement to develop the next generation of maritime technologies and clean energy innovations.  Their results will benefit both regions of the world.

Clean Energy Focus
The MOU was signed by Washington State officials and Innovation Norway.  Norway's Ambassador to the US The Hon. Kare Aas was there.  Their collaboration is focused on innovation in clean energy, particularly for maritime vessels, innovation for the oceans, electric vehicles, data analytics and to promote economic and trade relations.  Additionally, they want to modernize and cut the environmental impact of the fishing and seafood industries through new technology and innovation.

US DARPA Battles Mosquitos

Bioengineering ReVector Program

Protecting US Forces Against Mosquitos
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA has a unique approach to thwarting mosquitos and the dangerous diseases like malaria that they transmit.  With its ReVector program, DARPA wants to develop safe and precise technologies that change the metabolism of the human skin to thwart mosquitos.

Easy to Use, Topical Solution
DARPA says that mosquitos present one of the biggest health risks out there to deployed troops.  They want to apply bioengineering tools to develop a simple, easy to apply topical solution to prevent mosquitos from biting. Of course, there would be no harmful side effects to the soldiers. The goal is to protect soldiers for two weeks per application. The research program just began.  If DARPA is able to achieve its goal, the solution would have potential global use as malaria continues to spread.

Important Innovations Collection: German Air-Taxi Startup

German Air Taxi Successfully Tested

Lilium - All Electric, Emissions Free
The German startup company Lilium hopes to put its 5-seat air taxis into service by 2025.  The aircraft is a 5-seat, all electric, emissions free vehicle and was just successfully tested at a Munich airfield.  It can travel 186 mph and is designed for short distance, city to city travel.  For a great news blog on this, go to  Important Innovations Collection: German Air-Taxi Startup:  Lilium's Great Maiden Flight Source:  Lilium Artist Rendering Source:  Lilium  Jet 5 Seat Electric Air Taxi for Short Di...

Laser Microscope No-Cut Surgery

Revolutionary Cut-Free Surgery

New Laser Microscope
This is breaking medical news from the University of British Columbia.  An innovative laser microscope has been invented that performs surgery and diagnosis without cutting the skin.  It's a specialized multiphoton excitation microscope able to perform cut-less surgery.  The big application is for skin cancer.

Scan and Treats
The new technology digitally scans living tissue and treats the tissue by increasing heat from the laser, all in real-time seconds.  That allows surgeons to diagnose and pinpoint the problem, perform cut-less surgery and treat it without cutting the skin.  Researchers say they can alter the path of blood vessels, scan, diagnose and treat diseases like skin cancer.  They are now working to make the microscope more versatile and increase it precision.  This breakthrough was just reported in the journal Science Advances.

Smart Food Cartons: Knowing Fresh

Cornell University Innovation

Milk Cartons that Are Smart and Help You
This new gadget technology, a smart food carton, is designed to prevent food waste by helping consumers and retailers know how fresh a product actually is.  The container is more precise than the expiration dates we look for on a product.  Cornell University food scientists call it the carton of the future.  It gives consumers precise "best-by time" data.

Shelf Life Information that is Precise
The Cornell team is applying digital agriculture tools directly to the cartons to specify the shelf life and history of the product.  Their research is particularly targeted at milk cartons because consumers get rid of them so quickly based on the best by date.  Most consumers don't know that date indicates when the product is likely to be at peak quality not the expiration date.

Cornell's  New Tech
Cornell has developed a QR code and sensor placed inside the smart carton.  The code contains information on wher…

Important Innovations Collection: Google's Translatotron

Google's Translatotron

AI Enabled Translator
Google software engineers have invented a translating system, enabled by AI, that captures and preserves the original speaker's tone, cadence and words and converts all of that into another language, for instance French into German.  The Google team hopes their experimental system provides a starting point to develop this new speech technology.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Google's Translatotron: New Tech Translates Tone, Cadence and Words Source:  Google AI Translatotron  Translator Google software engineers have just annou...

Important Innovations Collection: London to New York in 90 Minutes

The World's Fastest Plane

Hermeus - New US Concept that's VC Funded and Under Development
This may be the flight of your dreams.  London to New York in 90 minutes instead of 7 hours plus.  This concept supersonic jet innovated by the US aerospace company Hermeus is now under development and funded by venture capitalists.  The future of flight is supersonic and this vehicle is designed to fly at Mach 5 or 3800 mph.  For more on this breaking news innovation, go to
Important Innovations Collection: London to New York in 90 Minutes: World's Fastest Plane: New Hermeus Supersonic Aircraft Source:  Hermeus Artist Concept Money Secured by US Company to Develop the...

Important Innovations Collection: Free Codes from ACX on Latest in Travel Innovation...

Latest Travel Innovations

Free ACX Codes for "Important Innovations Collection: Travel Innovation" Audiobook
"Important Innovations Collection:  Travel Innovations" by journalists Edward Kane & me Maryanne Kane has just received free ACX codes to receive a free book. The book is a series of news summaries on the latest in exciting global travel innovations, which I narrated.  If you'd like a free book, send an email to Ed at
Important Innovations Collection: Free Codes from ACX on Latest in Travel Innovation...: Important Innovations Collection: Latest Travel Innovations If you're in the United Kingdom, ACX just provided us free codes f...

Important Innovations Collection: List of Top New Gadgets

"List of Top New Gadgets" by Edward Kane

Free Borrow on Kindle - Fun Reading
New book, which I co-authored with fellow journalist Ed Kane, on the latest top new gadgets invented around the world.  This is innovation news you can use and enjoy using.  We've enable a free borrow on Kindle.  For details go to
Important Innovations Collection: List of Top New Gadgets: Global Inventions You

Microrobtics - Medicine's Future

New Shape-Changing, Swimming Tiny Robot

Promises Targeted Drug Delivery in the Body to Fight Cancer
Engineers at Dartmouth College and the City University of Hong Kong have invented a tiny, shape-changing, swimming microrobot that can instantly stop and go inside the human body.  Researchers believe this tiny, soft robot can deliver drugs much more accurately in the human body.  It is light- controlled, swims, changes shape and can instantly stop and go on command.  It is cutting edge medicine and robotics.

Targeted Medical Therapies to Defeat Cancer
The researchers combined cardiac tissue engineering, a 3D printed wing and a light-sensitive gel to produce the soft robot.  Near infra-red light causes it to change shape and stop and go in fluid like the bloodstream.  It is specifically designed to target and destroy cancer cells by accurately delivering medication.

Tiny Whale-like Tail
The robot is remotely controlled.   It's driven by a tail fin similar to that of a whale. The wing s…

Better than Styrofoam & E-Friendly

Alternative Foam that's Biodegradable & Plant-Based

Lightweight, Clean, Green Insulation
This biodegradable alternative foam to Styrofoam is more effective and can support up to 200 times its weight.  It provides good insulation but is still lightweight.  It's the innovation of engineers at Washington State University.  The new material is made primarily of cellulose, the most abundant plant material on earth.  The researchers also have developed an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that uses water as the solvent, rather than harmful solvents.

Wood is the Base
The base of the new foam is wood pulp.  Researchers used acid hydrolysis to break the cellulose bonds in the wood and convert them into nanocrystals.  They added polyvinyl alcohol to the crystals to create the foam that provides good insulation that's light and strong.  It's an e-friendly alternative to petroleum based Styrofoam that's plant-based, biodegradable and burns with no toxic ash.

Important Innovations Collection: Israel's Desalination Push Against CC

Israel's Leadership in Desalination of Sea Water

Building the World's Biggest Desalination Plant
Israel is building the world's biggest desalination plant, adding the huge facility on top of five other desalination plants along the Mediterranean Sea.  The huge plant is a response to climate change and five years of low rainfall in Israel.  It will supply 20% of Israeli households water.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Israel's Desalination Push Against CC: Climate Change Cutting Rainfall in Israel Source: Israeli Desalination Plant Desalination Solution from Sea Water Israel is building...

Microsoft Sony Streaming Games

New Partnership on Streaming Games, Chips and AI by Two Tech Giants

The Cloud and the Consumer
This is a new and important strategic partnership to develop new innovations.  Two global technology giants Microsoft and Sony are joining forces.  Sony will use the Microsoft cloud to stream games and media.  And the two will work together to develop new image sensors and further the use of Artificial Intelligence in Sony products.

Major Consumer Interactive Entertainment
The purpose of the collaboration is to advance interactive content.  Both have major interactive entertainment businesses:  Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation, that in some cases have been business partners and in other cases competitors.

This is a big competitive win for Microsoft's Azure cloud computing business particularly over Amazon's cloud market leader, Amazon Web Services.  Sony and Microsoft are looking to develop new image sensor chips that use Microsoft's AI technology.  It's a…

Important Innovations Collection: World's Smartest Vacuum With AI

World's Smartest Vacuum with AI

Tineco's Smart PURE ONE vacuum has a suite of artificial intelligence functions that, according to the company, allows for a smarter, deeper, quieter and longer, cordless cleaning.  It may very well be the world's smartest vacuum and is an example of how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing even common household products.  For a great news blog on this very smart gadget go to
Important Innovations Collection: World's Smartest Vacuum With AI: Household Gadget with Lots of Artificial Intelligence Source:  Tineco's The PURE ONE  Tineco's The PURE ONE Tineco's Sma...

Important Innovations Collection: Comprehensive Wearable Health Monitor

MultiUse Wearable Health Monitor

Comprehensive Health Armband for Athletes and Patients

In Sweden, KTH Royal Institute of Technology researchers have invented a wearable armband that provides a comprehensive health monitoring system by analyzing both sweat and blood.  It sends the information to an app.  It was designed for runners but also works for patients.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Comprehensive Wearable Health Monitor: Swedish Invention:  Multipurpose Sensor Monitors Blood & Sweat Source:  KTH Royal Institute of Technology New Health  Armband For ...

AI For Perfect Running Shoe Fit

Nike Fit

AI App for Perfect Fitting Running Shoes
Nike Fit is a new AI innovation app from Nike.  The artificial intelligence powered system relies on a smartphone to ensure you're getting a perfect fit.  The Nike Fit is a scanning system loaded with a proprietary combination of computer vision, machine learning, AI, data science and recommendation algorithms.

Big Size Problem
This system is designed particularly to help  with buying shoes online.  Sizes aren't consistent across brands.  Nike says three out of five people are wearing the wrong sized shoes.  It's a big size problem that can get in the way of optimum running.

The Perfect Fit
Here's how the system works.  The Nike Fit system app works with the smartphone camera to take a picture of your feet and make a 13 point map of both feet in a few seconds.  The map is then analyzed by AI algorithms to suggest the best size for the user across various shoe models.  You can use the digital foot measurement system online …

AirZen - Personal Climate Control

New Gadget Purifies & Optimizes Your Airspace

Controlling the Air You Breathe
This is a new gadget that impacts the air you breathe.  It's a personal climate control device that optimizes the air you breathe in five different ways.  It puts you in charge of your personal air quality control.

5 Functions in 1 Device
The device purifies the air of dust, germs and unwanted odors. It also humidifies to make the air easier to breathe, ionizes it, aromatizes it with various fragrances and also packs a station to monitor air quality.

New Technology
AirZen is mobile controlled with a companion app.  You dial in your desired personal climate settings.  The device is able to remove unwanted allergens and germs while adding warm or cool humidity.  AirZen is in the Kickstarter stage.  For a free Kindle borrow of a book I co-authored on innovative gadgets "List of Top New Gadgets" go to ASIN: B07RSLHMWK

Important Innovations Collection: Electric Scooter Market Accelerating

In Europe, Electric Scooter Rideshare Market Kicks into High Gear

Alphabet and Uber Investing
This summer, Swedish startup Voi Technology is putting thousands of electric scooters on the streets of Europe for ride sharing.  Voi is targeting 150 European cities.  It expects Germany to be its biggest market.  US tech giants Alphabet and Uber are investing in the European e-scooter market and expecting it to boom.  For a great news blog on this electric travel trend, go to Important Innovations Collection: Electric Scooter Market Accelerating: Alphabet and Uber Investing in European Scooter Share Market Source:  Voi 150 European Cities with e-Scooters Electric scooters ar...