US DARPA Battles Mosquitos

Bioengineering ReVector Program
Source:  DARPA

Protecting US Forces Against Mosquitos
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA has a unique approach to thwarting mosquitos and the dangerous diseases like malaria that they transmit.  With its ReVector program, DARPA wants to develop safe and precise technologies that change the metabolism of the human skin to thwart mosquitos.

Easy to Use, Topical Solution
DARPA says that mosquitos present one of the biggest health risks out there to deployed troops.  They want to apply bioengineering tools to develop a simple, easy to apply topical solution to prevent mosquitos from biting. Of course, there would be no harmful side effects to the soldiers. The goal is to protect soldiers for two weeks per application. The research program just began.  If DARPA is able to achieve its goal, the solution would have potential global use as malaria continues to spread.


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