World's 1st 100% Solar Powered Passenger Train

Zero Emissions Public Transport

Source:  Byron Bay Railroad Company

New South Wales, Australia
It's the world's first solar powered passenger train.  The railroad is owned and operated in Australia by the Byron Bay Railroad Company.  It's been in service since 2017 and has operated perfectly ever since.  It's a global example of the possibilities of zero emissions public transportation.

Solar Technology
The train is very efficient, requiring only 8.33 watt hours per passenger kilometer.  It has a 6.5 KW rooftop solar array and a lithium ion battery onboard.  During peak solar hours, it is 100% solar powered.  In fact, it's the world's first, in-service train run from onboard solar power.

Solar Express
The solar express can carry 100 passengers on a three kilometer route back and forth between North Beach station and Brayton Beach station in New South Wales.  It completes the cycle once an hour.  The original 1949 cars were upgraded from diesel locomotive to battery-electric locomotive, powered primarily by onboard PV  panels.  It's a passenger commuter train example of the possibilities of zero emissions transit.


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