1st Great White Shark in Long Island Sound

Good Environmental Sign for the Sound

Source:  Ocearch

Marine Scientists Say It's Reason to Celebrate
For the first time ever, a great white shark has been spotted in Long Island Sound.  It was close to the beach at one of the US' wealthiest towns Greenwich, Connecticut.  Marine scientists say that's cause to celebrate.

Good Environmental Message from the Great White
Great Whites are selective in their swimming routes.  They go to clean water that's full of life.  The marine scientists from Ocearch say that the 10 foot shark is a strong indicator that Long Island Sound is in good environmental shape.  That's great news because it's wedged between the coastlines of Connecticut and Long Island, NY.

The Great White was named Cabot, after the explorer John Cabot.  It was tagged in 2018 and is spotted by the tag's pings.  Cabot was tracked in April off North and South Carolina and made its way up to the Delaware Bay last week.  It was spotted passing by Greenwich on Monday.  By the way, this shark has its own Twitter account.


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