Important Innovations Collection: 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft

Your Personal Air Mobility Vehicle with No Emissions

Source:  Alaka'i Technologies 

Skai - Engineering and Avionics from Massachusetts & Design Input from BMW
The inventors call this the fuel cell powered aircraft of the people to get above traffic jams.  The drone-like aircraft is hydrogen fuel cell powered and has zero emissions.  This model, pictured above, was just unveiled in southern California.  It's a collaboration between US based Alaka'i Technologies and BMW's design group in southern California.  It is sleek, powered by 6 rotors, a hover craft,  needs a lot of testing, but the inventors say it's practical and affordable.  For more, go to
Important Innovations Collection: 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft: People Mover - Air Mobility for the People Sleek Looking and Ready for Testing The world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered flyi...


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