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World's 1st Hydrogen e-VTOL

  Massachusetts Startup Alakai Hydrogen Powered e-VTOL                                                       Source:  Skai History of Parliament Trust Honor for Skai's Decarbonizing Flying One of the most exciting and promising zero emissions vehicles created in the 2020's is the world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered flying taxi/e-VTOLs called Skai.  It's a hydrogen cell-electric, vertical take-off and landing vehicle that can carry 5 people.  Alakai Technologies of Hopkinton, Massachusetts invented Skai, which has been awarded the "Royal Seal of Approval" for its mission to decarbonize travel and protect the environment.  It will be featured in the Official "History of Parliament Trust 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation" commemorative publication.  The platform recognizes Skai for setting a new standard in zero emissions air travel.  The vehicle is fueled solely by hydrogen, not by lithium-ion batteries that are used in most e-VTOLs.  With Sk

Important Innovations Collection: 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft

Your Personal Air Mobility Vehicle with No Emissions Source:  Alaka'i Technologies  Skai - Engineering and Avionics from Massachusetts & Design Input from BMW The inventors call this the fuel cell powered aircraft of the people to get above traffic jams.  The drone-like aircraft is hydrogen fuel cell powered and has zero emissions.  This model, pictured above, was just unveiled in southern California.  It's a collaboration between US based Alaka'i Technologies and BMW's design group in southern California.  It is sleek, powered by 6 rotors, a hover craft,  needs a lot of testing, but the inventors say it's practical and affordable.  For more, go to Important Innovations Collection: 1st Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Aircraft : People Mover - Air Mobility for the People Sleek Looking and Ready for Testing The world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered flyi...