MIT's Flying, Driving Robots

DARPA German Style

1st Human X-Rays in Living Color

Electricity from Nuclear Fusion 2030

Satellite Bodyguards - Star Wars

Future Crops Go Back Thousands of Years

Plants Clean Up Contaminated Soil From Chemical & Nuclear Accidents

Sleep Essential for Learning - UK Research

Shapeshifting Material Morphs with Heat, Light

Norway Plans All Electric Flights

MIT & DARPA Creating SuperFast Chips

Smartphone: May Be 1st Alert on Floods, Natural Disaster

"Green" Plastics - Green Production

Sony's Bot Puppy Aibo Unleashed

Star Wars: USAF Jumpstarts Hypersonics

NASA to Track Earth's Ice Melt

Reversing Paralysis

Worlds 1st VR Shoes & Gloves

AI that Pushes Limits of Science

Gut Check by e-Pill

Micro-Robot Medicine

World's 1st Wind Mapping Satellite

100 Gigabit Transmission a Reality

Computers Thinking Like Humans

Converting Stem Cell to Nerve Cell


Quantum Opportunity - Quantum Computing

Computer & Human Conversations

Schools of Robot Fish

In Columbia Drones Destroy Cocaine Crops

1st Robocar Built for Snow

World 1st - 4D Printing of Ceramics

Landmark UN Meeting on Global Oceans in Sept.

Global Robot Wars

Paper Water Test: Quick, Cheap, Green

REV Ocean Built to Save Oceans

Russian Lasers Target Space Junk

London's Look at Medicine's Future

Hypersonic Race Heats Up

RedAlerts on Building Collapse, Mudslides

DARPA Wants Rapid Underground Mapping Tech

Bullletproofing Electronic Documents From Cybercrime

Floating on Air - Sound Beam Levitation - No Joke

Augmented Reality Booms by 2025

Whiskey Biofuel, Renewable & Works

Medical Breakthru with Virtual Reality

Breakthru Battery for Electric Cars

Super Metamaterials - Penn State's Sound Cloaking

Invisible by Light Cloaking Gets Real