Worlds 1st VR Shoes & Gloves

Japan's Wearable VR Innovation
Taclim VR Gloves & Shoes - Japanese Innovation 
They're called the Taclim Virtual Reality shoes and gloves.  They're a global VR first.  They have haptic feedback to enable users to feel the virtual world.  As you can see in the photo, they work in tandem with the VR display.

Tactile Devices
Built-in tactile devices give the wearer instant haptic interaction.  The shoes and gloves generate the sensation of stepping onto the ground in a virtual space.

Come September
These products are relatively expensive - $1363 as posted in Japan Trends.  They'll be shipping in mid-September.  They're the creation of Cerevo in collaboration with Nidec Seimitsu Corporation.  This is fun and interesting VR tech I came across while researching Japanese innovation.


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