DARPA Wants Rapid Underground Mapping Tech

Real-time Mapping For Unban Infrastructure Like Subway Systems, Tunnels, Caves
It's a DARPA technology challenge.  The Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency is challenging teams to build tech systems that rapidly chart urban infrastructure like subway systems, also caves and tunnels.   It's called the Subterranean Challenge.  DARPA wants tech to navigate underground areas while humans stay on the surface.  They want the systems to rapidly map and search often dangerous underground areas.

For the Military, First Responders
This tech is primarily to be developed for the military and first responders in subterranean conditions.  Often they face a time sensitive situation, difficult technical challenges, dynamic terrain, bad communications and an expansive area of operation. These systems could also be used for infrastructure inspection, mining, construction and archeology.

3 Year Challenge
This is a 3 year challenge for technology development.  There's $4 million in prize money.  The winning will be based on the tech's speed, mapping accuracy, maneuverability and object identification.  Competition is open right now. Several organizations have joined as contenders including iRobot Defense Holdings, Michigan Technological University and Scientific Systems Co.


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