Controlling Air Pollution - Saudi Style

Wednesday Series:  Innovation Addressing Pressing World Needs like Air Pollution

Honeycomb Structures Inspired by Bees

Scientists at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have created a 3D structure inspired by the honeycomb of bees to control air pollution.  It's a flexible, 3D porous material that helps filter air to remove pollutants and viruses.

Large Structure, Quick Build
The King Abdullah University team developed a simple method that in 5 minutes produces a flexible film with a complex, hierarchical structure that has repeating patterns of interconnected regularly shaped pores. It's a honeycomb structure with a very large surface and the ability to selectively extract material like pollutants.

Latticework and Symmetry
Both the lattice of a honeycomb and the symmetry of a diatom are complex living structures with patterns and shapes that have long inspired scientists.  The research team says they've developed an important platform to design artificial porous materials that mimic nature.  The structures have potential use for air pollution control, virus filtration and "for biological scaffolds such as those for bone regeneration."  It's innovation technology at the cutting edge with many potential applications.


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