Solar Wings, Endless Flights

Power Beaming is an Emerging Disruptive Technology
Source: Silent Falcon UAS Technologies -Silent Falcon

California-based Silent Falcon UAS Technologies is partnering with the Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency -DARPA -  to implement laser power beaming for its solar-electric powered drones.  Silent Falcon drones can fly non-stop 6 hours using batteries and solar energy. They are the world's first solar electric, long range, long endurance unmanned aircraft system or UAS. DARPA wants to make the flight time much longer by topping off the batteries via laser beams from the ground.  DARPA officials say they're right on the brink of delivering this disruptive technology.

Endless Uses for Endless Flights
What DARPA wants is drones capable of indefinite flight.  The drones would engage in sequences of flying and flying while charging from a high powered laser beam directed from the ground.  There would be no need to land and refuel.  This emerging technology can enable exciting, potential uses, such as for:
  • internet access in rural and remote areas
  • cellular access in remote 3rd world areas
  • military operations
  • extended search and rescue operations
  • large scale surveying of disaster areas
  • continuous assistance in fighting wild fires

Just to name a few.  We're on the brink of power beaming laser technology.  This will enable drones in our skies operating indefinitely.  The potential uses are endless.


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