Invisible by Light Cloaking Gets Real

Technical University of Vienna's Landmark Cloaking Technology Research
Source:  Technical University of Vienna - Light Beams of Invisibility - Cloaking Tech

Viennese Cloaking
Cloaking technology has been a source of fascination in Star Trek and Harry Potter adventures.  It's also among the Holy Grail for technologists.  According to a study by physicists at Technical University of Vienna, it could become a reality with a specially designed material that can mask itself from other forms of light when it's hit with a "beam of invisibility".  The Viennese have developed a special light wave, masking technology that they think delivers cloaking.  They're experimenting with it and developing it.

Shining the Light on New Cloaking Tech
The concept involves shining a beam, like a laser, onto material from above to pump it full of energy. Here's the trick.  The pattern that's projected into the object to render it invisible has to perfectly match the inner irregularities of the object that usually scatter light.  In other words, it needs to be irradiated with its own specific pattern.  The method the physicists have developed allows them to calculate the exact pattern.  This is very different from other cloaking technology attempts.

Future Cloaking
The  physicists say a lot of work needs to be done to take this from fundamental research to practical applications. They're putting their tech thru experimental development both through sound and light.  They think it could have first utilization in telecommunications networks.


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