Sleep Essential for Learning - UK Research

All-Night-ers Don't Work

Students should make sleep an educational priority.  A good night's sleep is essential for human memory.  Neuroscientists are just starting to understand why.  All-night-ers don't work for exams.  In fact, they're the worst thing you can do.

UK Sleep Research
Scientists at the Royal Holloway University in the UK have documented that sleep is essential to embedding knowledge in the brain.  Sleep affects memory, especially the recall needed to learn language.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep
The researchers documented two groups of students learning new vocabulary words.  The group that got a good night's sleep far outperformed the group that pulled-off all night-ers.  The bottom line:  prolonged sleep is actually good for kids and adults.  It's critical for brain function and healthy body rhythms.  And, for students, it's a priority for better test performance and grades.


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