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Huge Wins for SpaceX & NASA

Historic Space Travel Firsts
History was made on May 30, 2020 when a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with 2 US astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, strapped onboard the SpaceX spacecraft Crew Dragon.  Within 12 minutes, Crew Dragon separated from the rocket and hurtled into space to rendezvous with the International Space Station (ISS).  Next day, May 31, 2020, Crew Dragon autonomously docked with the ISS. The docking happened 19 hours after launch. Crew Dragon used 12 separate latches to create an air locked seal between Dragon and the ISS for the 2 US astronauts to go onboard the ISS and join 3 other astronauts - 2 Russians and 1 American, already there.  History was made by SpaceX, NASA and the two brave, US astronauts.  SpaceX had never carried humans into space before this. Crew Dragon is an autonomous space vehicle that the astronauts can also do some fly time in. The achievements of the SpaceX tech…


Squad Mobility's Solar Cars to Debut in Europe

Green, Sustainable Driving
Amsterdam-based Squad Mobility has invented a solar powered, 2 seat mini electric car.  Called the Squad Solar City Car, it's getting ready to go on the market in Europe.  The vehicle comes in two versions.  A L6e model can go up to 28 mph.  And, the L7 model can accelerate up to 50 mph.  These electric vehicles are not designed for highway driving.  They're designed for driving city streets and country roads.

Roof Top Solar Panels
The solar panels are mounted on the roof so charging can be done inexpensively or even for free with sunshine only.  The company is taking pre-orders.  The price is $6,330.  First deliveries will start in late 2021.  The vehicle size is 21.5 square feet.  4 of the EVs can fit into a parking spot designed for a SUV.  The vehicle has seat belts, a roll cage for additional safety, air conditioning and removeable doors.  The company says it's the perfect vehicle for ride shari…


Micromobility: Shared, Remote-Controlled, E-Scooters

First Commercial Operation:  Suburban Atlanta, GA 
The world's 1st, remote-controlled electric scooters are now available for rent in suburban Atlanta, GA.  It's the first remote controlled, shared electric scooter service to start commercial operations in the US.  100 scooters are now in service and being remotely controlled by teleoperators in Mexico City.

High Tech, Green Scooters
The scooters are 4 wheelers, with two training wheels under the scooter deck to provide better balance.  They're bulkier than the average two-wheel scooter and have extra components attached to their handlebars and deck.  The technology includes data sensors and live streaming cameras.

Human Controlled at a Great Distance
The scooters are controlled by teams of employees in Mexico City - 1700 miles away from Atlanta.  The teleoperators use technology including a live feed from the scooter's cameras and sensor data as they employ Xbox controlle…


"SPACE 2020'S: WHAT'S UP THERE?" by Edward Kane

Amazon Countdown Deep Discount For a bargain price, you can buy a ride on a spaceship to the top space missions of the 2020's through journalist Edward Kane's book "Space 2020: What's Up There?".  The regular price is $6.99.  The Amazon Countdown Deal offers it at $3.99 through 11AM ET this morning.  Then, it's priced at $4.99 through 11AM ET Tuesday and thereafter returns to the regular price.  It's your bargain ticket to space in the 2020's.  Here's the linkASIN: B087DV4DZ6 I co-authored the book with

TILT-WING eVTOL:Chopper/Plane

ASX Technologies MOBi-One - New Flying Tech

Tilt Wing Concept
Electric vertical take off and landing vehicles (cVTOLs) are one of the hottest sectors of the aviation industry.  ASX Technologies and its MOBi-One eVTOL are taking a radically different approach to flying.  MOBi-One is using a tilt-wing concept that goes back to the 1960s.  The tilt-wing approach enables the EV to take off and land like a helicopter and fly like a plane.  The vehicle is capable of take-offs and landings in a back yard or on an office building roof.

Flying Against the Wind
In a sense, ASX Technologies is flying against the wind of the eVTOL industry.  The rest of the contenders, including Uber and Hyundai, are using tilt rotors.  The rotors move in different directions but the wings stay fixed.  According to ASX executives, there are many benefits from the tilt-wing approach:

less moving parts on the vehiclemore aerodynamic efficiencymore reliable performancesimpler control system.Upwards and Onwards The tilt wi…


Attention Space Enthusiasts:  "Space 2020's: What's Up There?"

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Space News Resource
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New Health App Is Rolling Out with Select 2020 QLED TV

Health Tracking App to Get in Shape
Prolonged television watching has long been associated with being an out of shape couch potato.  That doesn't need to be the case anymore.  Samsung is now rolling out a new health tracking App on select 2020 QLED TVs that started selling in April.

Health Data
The Samsung Health App collects and syncs an individual's health data from their smartphone, smart watch, wearables and now their Samsung television.  The App stores the data on a dashboard to view their key health metrics.  It also provides access to free workout classes and mindfulness sessions.

Personalized Health Goals
Using the App, you can set a daily routine, with alerts that a workout class you like is about to start and your can set fitness goals and challenges.  The App is designed to facilitate a healthier lifestyle and includes a variety of classes like yoga, dance, pilates, strength training and a lot more.  It's a new in…


Amazon Deep Discount on "Space 2020's: What's Up There?"

Bargain Priced For Limited Time
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Next-G, Helicopter Command Post

Helicopter Travel's Future:  The H145 Flying Computer
This is one of the world's most advanced military helicopters and it's still being developed to include more next-G technology.  The Airbus H145 is a multi-role helicopter that essentially functions as a flying computer.  Designed for the military, it's being developed and outfitted as a flying command post.  Airbus says it can be used for armed reconnaissance, weapons fire support, evacuation of the wounded and to rescue hostages. 

C5 Capabilities
Airbus is focused on expanding the vehicle's C5 capabilities, including command, control, communications, computers and collaboration/intelligence.  The H145 is a look at the future of military helicopter travel in battle zones.

Brand New, Innovative Technologies
The Airbus helicopter is a light, twin engine vehicle.  It can maneuver at low level altitudes where fixed wing aircraft and UAVs cannot.  And simultaneously it can collect and colla…


Special Amazon Book Promotion

e-Book Deeply Discounted
Starting at 11AM ET May 27, "Space 2020's:  What's Up There?" by journalist Edward Kane is being offered at a promotional deep discount by Amazon and Kindle.  Through May 30, it can be bought for $3.99 instead of the regular price of $6.99

Book on Latest Space Discoveries and Upcoming Missions
If you want the latest news on "What's Up There?" in space, this is a highly valuable and fun to read information source.  Here's the direct link to check it out ASIN: B087DV4DZ6


NASA, SPACEX, US Astronauts & Elon Musk

Many Historic Firsts on Earth and Space
On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Elon Musk's SpaceX will carry two US Astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).  This will be the first time in nearly a decade that there has been rocket launch carrying astronauts into space orbit from US soil.  It is also a first for SpaceX to carry humans - NASA astronauts - into space. And it is the first time that a private commercial vehicle has taken US astronauts into orbit.  Experts say, if all goes well, this could be the beginning of a new era of human spaceflight for the US.

Launch Time
The launch is set for Wednesday afternoon from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  President Donald Trump says he will be there.  Two veteran US astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will be the crew aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule that will rocket into space on a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket.

Into Orbit
The Falcon 9 Rocket will release Crew Drag…


Amazon Book Promotion

Special Deep Discount for a Limited Time
I'm pleased to announce that Kindle and Amazon are beginning a promotion on journalist Edward Kane's book "SPACE 2020's: WHAT'S UP THERE?".  Starting May 27 through May 30, the book goes on sale for $3.99. That is a deep discount off the regular price of $6.99.  And, on May 31 through June 2 8AM PDT, it will be selling for $4.99. It then returns to its regular price of $6.99

Great Deals on a Great Resource
If you enjoy learning about WHAT'S UP THERE? in space, you'll love the book and find it a great resource on the top space missions and very recent space discoveries of the 2020's.  Here's a link for access to the book ASIN: B087DV4DZ6

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... ...


Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package

"Full-On James Bond"
SpaceX & Tesla CEO Elon Musk has combined the best technologies from his space company and from his electric car company and is incorporating them into his next generation Tesla Roadster.  The electric sportscar is equipped with rocket thrusters including the main one behind the license place.  Musk calls the Roadster's SpaceX package: "It's like full-on James Bond." 

Part Car - Part Rocket
The SpaceX Tesla Roadster is due out in 2022.  The SpaceX package option include cold air thrusters.  In Musk's words, he's using ultra high pressure compressed air. "It's a cold gas thruster.  The main thruster is behind the license plate.  For acceleration, it drops the license plate and behind the plate is a rocket thruster."

Musk has been saying that the new Roadster will go 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds with a battery range of 620 miles.  He is working on improving those impressive specs.  App…


Prototype Demonstrator eVTOL

Urban Air Mobility
Airbus Vahana is the experimental eVTOL that is the basis and inspiration for the next generation of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles ((eVTOLs)) at Airbus, the European multinational aerospace corporation.  The vehicle started as a design on a napkin and within 4 years it converted into a fully operational eVTOL.  The vehicle's final test flight happened in Oregon in late 2019.  Airbus Air Mobility is now using the technology to design the next generation of eVTOLs to clear regulatory hurdles and put the vehicles into service as flying taxis.

Technical Demonstrator Model
According to Airbus, Vahana has contributed major new technology that is being deployed in for next-G eVTOLS including:

A fully operational eVTOL vehicle model with a tilt-wing configuration and battery-to-electric motor solutionSuccessful self-piloting technologies that are fully capable of autonomously detecting air and ground hazardsStrong business case o…


Harnessing Ocean Energy As A Power Source

Sustainable Energy
The concept of underwater energy harvesting by drones is being developed by the US Defense Department's Advanced Research Agency DARPA.  This could not only revolutionize naval propulsion, particularly for drone submarines, by providing them a sustainable energy source.  But also, if the drones transport the harvested ocean energy to ships at sea, there would be far less need to return to port to refuel.  The time and energy efficiencies would be breakthrough.

Manta Ray Project
DARPA calls the program the Manta Ray Project.  It's goal is to develop unmanned underwater vehicles - drones - that can operate underwater for very long, extended periods of time, all the while harvesting the energy of the ocean as a power source.  Four companies have just been selected for the job.  Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Navtek LLC are working on the drones.  And Metron is developing underwater energy harvesting technologies.



Daimler and Geely

Global Tie-Ups To Create New EVs
German luxury automaker Daimler and China's electric automaker Geely are exploring ways to deepen their cooperation in the research and development of electric vehicles.  The two companies have formed a China based venture to build electric Smart cars.  They've also joined forces to build a premium ride hailing venture.  And, among their projects, each has invested in Volocopter, a state of the art, electric multirotor helicopter/flying taxi service, based in Germany.

Geely Operations and Expansions
China-based Geely is a global automotive force.  It owns Volvo, Lotus and Terrafugia, the US based flying car company.  It also owns Lynk & Co. based in Sweden. Geely Chairman Li Shufu says he plans to roll out Lynk & Co. cars in Europe sometime in late 2020.  Lynk & Co. says it offers a new kind of mobility: simple pricing, flexible ownership and car sharing.  The vehicles are electric and connected.

Chinese and Global Auto…


Launch Late 2021

Elon Musk's E-Pickup and E-ATV Companion
The Tesla electric pickup truck, Cybertruck, and the electric ATV Cyberquad are known to be some of entrepreneur/Tesla CEO Elon Musk's favorite pet projects. He is looking to launch them in 2021.  Musk the marketer is pushing his new innovations.  As a teaser for Jay Lenno's show "Jay Lenno's Garage", Musk jumped on the body of his Cybertruck prototype, which is made of the same material he uses for his SpaceX rocket skins and he took Leno for a ride in it.  The body material didn't dent unlike the cybertruck's windows that famously cracked a few months ago when hit during a demonstration.  Musk is working on many improvements as he goes into production of his Cybertruck.

Fascinating, Innovative Offerings
Musk expects to incorporate and offer some very innovative features on the Cybertruck.  Here are some examples:

Owners will have the option to "wrap" the pickup to get different colors on…


Astronomers Find It in Deep Space

The Wolfe Disk
Astronomers have discovered a massive disk galaxy deep in the universe.  It is almost as old as the universe itself at 12.5 billion years old.  The universe is believed to be 13.8 billion years.  It's called the Wolfe Disk and is yet another wonder in space just unveiled by astronomers, who are baffled by its very existence.  

The Galaxy That Shouldn't Be
What's intriguing is that astronomers say the Wolfe Disk shouldn't exist and shouldn't be where it is in deep space.  Those statements are based on astronomers' current understanding of galaxies.  Their
key question is: how did such a well formed rotating disk galaxy 
form at a time of chaos in space?  A time when galaxies formed during violent collisions and chaotic mergers. 

Created in a Different Way
The astronomers believe the Wolfe Disk was created and grew in a very different way.  They theorize that it grew through the steady accretion of cold gas, which built it…


For Sea, It's an Electric Boat 

For Land, It's a Bike & Tiny Camper
The Z-Triton is a unique travel invention.  The electrically powered vehicle can travel on land and sea. It's a combination tiny house, electric, amphibious boat and a bike.   It's the creation of designer Aigars Lauvis of Latvia.  He says he created it for adventure and expeditions around the world.  

New Electric Vehicle
This innovation appears to be unlike any other form of transportation in the world.  The design studio behind it, Zeltini, will start renting the electric vehicle in 2021. It's not yet available for sale. Zeltini says its mission is to create sustainable products and prototypes that can function well and also be a lot of fun.

... ...


Circling Stars Gave It Away to Astronomers

A Black Hole "In Our Neighborhood"
European astronomers have found the closest black hole to Earth ever discovered.  It is so close that two stars circling it can be seen with the naked eye.  The black hole is called the HR 6819 triple system.  It was created by the death of a fleeting young star.  Two remaining super hot stars continue to orbit it.

Trillions of Miles From Earth
It is the closest black hole discovered but it is still 1,000 light years away.  Every light year equals 5.9 trillion miles.  It was discovered by astronomers using the European Space Agency's massively powerful telescope at the European Southern Observatory in northern Chile.  Lead astronomer Thomas Rivinius says the black hole "is in our neighborhood".  He adds there may be 100 million to one billion of these relatively small but hugely dense objects in the Milky Way.

Black Holes Where Nothing Escapes
The difficulty of discovering black holes is no…


Supersonic Flights Across the Earth

Flying Public at Supersonic Speeds
NASA is teaming up with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space company to develop high speed technologies for supersonic air travel.  The purpose is to make high Mach speed vehicles for the travelling public here on Earth to get from "Point-to-Point" in vastly reduced times.  NASA and Branson have finalized their collaboration by signing a Space Act Agreement. 

Vision and Goal
Branson's vision for transporting the public at Mach speeds is a "global network of spaceports, transcontinental supersonic space flights and delivering passengers anywhere in the world in a couple of hours".  To achieve this, the aircraft will actually be a spacecraft.

Technological First
The envisioned SST would be a spacecraft that would launch into space from its departure point, then re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and arrive at the destination point for landing.  The flight would happen in a fraction of th…


New World Being Created in a Swirling Orange Disc

Creation of a Planet Deep in Space
Astronomers have discovered a new planet being born inside a swirling orange disc surrounding a distant young star.  And, the team of international astronomers who discovered it say this is the first time that humanity has witnessed the birth of a planet.  They add this discovery will help them to better understand how planets come to exist around stars.

Celestial Creation
As you can see in the picture, the new planet is forming in the very bright yellow twist in the inner region of the orange, swirling disc that surrounds the young star AV Aurigae.  It was spotted by the European Space Agency's European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in northern Chile.

520 Light Years Away
The birth of the new planet is taking place 520 light years from Earth.  Lead astronomer Anthony Boccaletti of the Observatoire de Paris in France says the image shows cosmic matter at a gravitational tipping point c…


More Cars, More Pollution & More New Alternative Vehicles

New Travel World from COVID-19 Americans and many others around the world in urban areas are getting behind the wheel to avoid mass transit. The difficulty of social distancing and feeling secure to avoid COVID-19 in crowded trains, buses and planes is driving the return to cars.  Polls indicate that American plan to avoid trains and buses as the stay-at-home orders lift.  The shift to cars could be a boom for the hard pressed automotive industry.  It could also lead to more pollution and traffic jams.
New Issues For Mass Transit Ironically, the effort to avoid public transit and take your car in order to protect yourself from COVID-19 is creating new problems.  Urban experts believe it could lead to increased road congestion, additional carbon emissions and put a major strain on cash-strapped transit systems.  Transit ridership is down 95% in major US cities, leading to forecasts of massive deficits for transit systems into 20…


First Since 1650
Start of a New Ice Age? NASA scientists say that the Sun is in a much less active phase, meaning far less solar flares, energy and sunspots.  The phase is called a Grand Solar Minimum, which hasn't occurred since 1650 to 1715.  It triggered a Little Ice Age in the Northern Hemisphere with lower temperatures. The question is are we headed toward another Ice Age?
Climate Change NASA scientists say we are not on the brink of a new Ice Age.  And the new scientific basis of their conclusion is interesting.  They say the warming of the Earth from fossil fuels and their greenhouse gas emissions is six times greater than even decades long cooling from the Grand Solar Minimum.  In fact, NASA adds:  "Even if the Grand Solar Minimum were to last a century, global temperatures would continue to warm."  A shocking measure of the impact of global warming.
Search for Life in Space The Sun is very dynamic and goes through 11 year cycles of  peak and low solar activity, solar …

Seamless Car-Plane EVTOL

Highly Innovative, New Pulse Concept

New Transportation System Embraer's Pulse Concept electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (EVTOL) centers around a smart glass passenger pod that seamlessly transfers the occupants between the plane and the car for flying and driving modes.  This is a first of its kind transportation system that links autonomous land and flying vehicles with a central passenger pod.It is a unique and highly creative new concept that provides a fascinating look at the future of transportation and the futuristic types of travel models that could be in use within 45 years.
Paired Autonomous Vehicles The Design Ops team at Brazilian based Embraer created the Pulse Concept for Embraer's 50th anniversary as an aircraft manufacturer.  Pulse Concept is a pair of autonomous vehicles that travel on land and in the air without the passengers ever having to get out of the central pod. The pod moves to the vehicle in use.
No Airports - Takeoffs and Landings Like a Bird


"Search for Life in Space" by Edward Kane 

New Book on Search for New Forms of Life in the Universe Are there new forms of life, perhaps even highly advanced civilizations, in space?  The collective opinion of many top global scientists and experts at NASA, the European Space Agency and the Chinese Space Agency is YES.
Visitors From Space As a journalist, Ed Kane has written "Search for Life in Space" to document the scientific undertakings now underway to make our civilization the first to find life in the universe - life that may be radically different from ours.  We start the space journey with images of UFOs over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  The images were shot by US Navy pilots and just released by the US Department of Defense to show that UFOs are real.  
NASA, UFOs and Aliens NASA has made a priority of finding new forms of life in the universe.  In fact, NASA Director Jim Bridenstine says "we are well on our way to discovering it".  Ed's book …


 An Inflatable E-bike

POIMO May Be Your Next Bike
This is fascinating new, lightweight travel technology, that's so flexible and inflatable it can be carried in a large backpack. It's an electric bike, called POIMO, invented by researchers at the University of Tokyo.  The inventors claim that because the e-bike is lightweight and inflatable, it protects riders and pedestrians in the event of an accident. At the moment, it's a prototype that the researchers intend to develop into a final product that's even lighter and more portable for commercialization.

Future of Travel Innovation:  Soft Mobility
This is a great example of the potential future of travel innovation. The researchers call POIMO soft mobility or personal mobility using soft, lightweight and inflatable materials to make the vehicle portable, foldable, flexible, inflatable, deflatable and storeable in a backpack.  So you can take it and deploy it wherever you want.

Next Steps
The next steps are getting this new p…