COVID-19 Accelerating Autonomous Deliveries

Source:  Waymo
Big Investor Money Pouring In
COVID-19 is accelerating a big shift in the global autonomous driving industry.  Business is booming in the autonomous delivery of packages, not the autonomous driving of people.  Companies like self-driving technology company Waymo are enjoying a huge boom in its business of package deliveries and a big influx of capital from investors.

Fresh Capital
Big players like Waymo, which is owned by Google's parent company Alphabet, are getting a big jump in funding.  Waymo now has $3 billion in fresh capital after expanding its first funding round.  It just raised $750 million in mid May.  According to Reuters' analysis, investors have poured $6 billion into two dozen companies involved in autonomous deliveries in the past seven months.  The technology ranges from drones to big, autonomous trucks.

Global Phenomenon:  Future of Travel.  
The growth in autonomous deliveries is a global phenomena. On the streets of Fairfax, Virginia 20 robots were cleared in under two weeks to deliver food, meals groceries and hair products.  Prior to the pandemic, such approvals would have taken ten months. Automated delivery startup companies such as Optimus Ride in Boston and Manna Drone Delivery in Ireland are raising money from investors as demand for their services boom.  This is the future of travel:  autonomous driving and autonomous deliveries getting a massive boost into service from the coronavirus.

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