EV Battery Shakeup: Going 1 Million Miles

Secret Battery Breakthrough Teased by Elon Musk

Source:  Tesla manufacturing line

Tesla's Expected, New Low Cost, Long Lasting EV Battery
Tesla has a secret battery, that is low cost, long life and will power Tesla's Model 3 electric sedans in China later this year.  The battery is so revolutionary it's expected to bring down the cost of electric vehicles to that of gas powered cars.  It's a breakthrough piece of e-battery technology that essentially reconfigures the math of pricing EVs.  It's also said to allow EV batteries to have second and third lives.

Elon Musk's Electric Agenda
CEO Elon Musk has been teasing investors and his rivals about the battery, promising to hold a "Battery Day" to detail it in late May.  There are many parts to Musk's electric agenda. He wants low-cost batteries that go for a million miles.  He also is positioning Tesla as a global electric utility. It is already the global leader in electric vehicles.

Big Power Position
Two weeks ago, Tesla applied for a license to operate as an electric
power company in the United Kingdom.  It appears Tesla wants to introduce the Autobidder platform for automated energy trading that it's operating in South Australia.  Tesla wants to provide electric power to consumers and businesses.  And, it wants to
be the energy provider to the global fleet of more than one million Tesla EVs on the road.

Moving Forward
The Million Mile battery is a key to Musk's EV and electricity strategy.  He wants to bring the cost of EVs down to that of combustion engine cars, so that he sell them profitably and vastly increase sales. He also wants Tesla to be a low-cost global energy provider.  His new battery relies on innovations such as low cobalt, cobalt free battery chemistry, new additives and coatings that let the battery store more energy for longer periods of time.  As always, Elon Musk is moving forward on multiple fronts with strategic vision.


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