China Launches Next-G Spacecraft

Launches Next-G Spacecraft

Source:  Long March 5-B Launch

Exploring Space for Signs of Life

China just launched its largest rocket, carrying a next generation spacecraft

onboard.  The Long March-5B rocket carrier took off this morning from

the Wenchang Space Center in the southern island province of Hainan.  The

rocket is massive:  54 meters long and has a takeoff weight of 849 tons.

Life in Outer Space

China has big space ambitions and plans. It wants to equal the US and Russia

as a space power by 2030.  The experimental spacecraft is part of China's

efforts to shuttle astronauts to its future space station for manned space

exploration.  A big component of the exploration is searching for life in

outer space.  Chinese space officials have explicitly stated that they are

deploying massive technologies to find what they call "new civilizations with

superior technology" in space.  China expects to have a multi-module space

station for astronauts/space explorers by 2022.


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