Squad Mobility's Solar Cars to Debut in Europe

Source:  Squad Mobility

Green, Sustainable Driving
Amsterdam-based Squad Mobility has invented a solar powered, 2 seat mini electric car.  Called the Squad Solar City Car, it's getting ready to go on the market in Europe.  The vehicle comes in two versions.  A L6e model can go up to 28 mph.  And, the L7 model can accelerate up to 50 mph.  These electric vehicles are not designed for highway driving.  They're designed for driving city streets and country roads.

Roof Top Solar Panels
The solar panels are mounted on the roof so charging can be done inexpensively or even for free with sunshine only.  The company is taking pre-orders.  The price is $6,330.  First deliveries will start in late 2021.  The vehicle size is 21.5 square feet.  4 of the EVs can fit into a parking spot designed for a SUV.  The vehicle has seat belts, a roll cage for additional safety, air conditioning and removeable doors.  The company says it's the perfect vehicle for ride sharing.

No License Needed
In Europe, the Squad Solar City Car will provide the owner with substantial tax and cost savings benefits, including no parking fees, no road tax and lower insurance rates.  In some European markets, you don't need a driver's license to operate the 4-wheel vehicle.  It's a solar powered approach to the future of green, clean transportation.  


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