USAF Jump-starts Flying Car Industry

Air Force Kick Starts Flying Car Industry

Source:  Sabrewing Rhaegal 

Launches Agility Prime Open Competition
The US Air Force is kick starting the flying car industry.  It wants
thirty flying car vehicle models by 2030.  To achieve its goals, the Air Force is launching an open challenge to the flying car
industry, called Agility Prime.  USAF Assistant Director Dr. Will Roper says there are multiple companies in a position to win the
competition and deliver.  Specifically, the Air Force wants EVTOLs or electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

Virtual Kickoff
The Air Force launched the program with a virtual news conference announcement.  They want to innovate flying car vehicles for both the military and the driving/flying public.  Their approach is through collaboration with investors, the industry and "interagency" partners.

Multiple Types and Designs
Dr. Roper wants multiple designs such as large flying vehicles for cargo and smaller ones for people.  They will be autonomous as well as operated by humans.  Dr. Roper says money from
venture capitalists is rising.  And, the industry thinks it will
soar when competing models come on line.  One company already
participating is Sabrewing, which has developed the Rhaegal
cargo, flying drone.

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