US Navy & UFOs - Encounter Reports Released

Encounters Between Navy Aircraft and UFOs

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Incident Filings by Pilots
Several Hazard Reports just released by the US Navy document a number of sightings and encounters by Navy pilots with unidentified flying objects or UFOs.  The Hazard Reports were released under a Freedom of Information request. They document six separate incidents.  This is in addition to the three videos released by the US Department of Defense a few weeks ago.  The videos and images were shot by Navy pilots encountering incredibly fast and agile "unidentified aerial phenomena" over both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The UFOs were spotted by at least seven Navy pilots and a US Navy ship.

Official UFO Sightings by US Navy Pilots
The Hazard Reports just released were officially filed by six Navy pilots during the past decade.  The pilots, in their official reports, said the UFOs encountered looked like missiles, unmanned drones, while some of the other aerial objects were smaller.  In at least one of the incidents, Navy pilots could not get radar to lock in and track the object.  

UFO, Drone or Balloon?
In another incident that occured in 2013, the pilots thought the UFO might be a drone, but no operators could be located. The pilots said the wingspan of the object was 5 feet. It was white in color with "no distinguished features."  One of the pilots followed the object for an hour off the coast of Virginia.  Two other reports released by the Navy involve balloon-like objects in April 2014.  One of the ballons almost caused a mid-air collision with an A-18 F Super Hornet. These are yet more incidents of UFO sightings with the added credibility of US Navy pilots filing official reports.

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