Virtual Grad Ceremony - Avatar Robots

ASU's Thunderbird School of Global Management 2020 Grads

Source:  Arizona State University - Dean Khagram

Virtual Graduation Ceremony with Robots
At Arizona State University, there will be a
graduation ceremony for the Thunderbird School of
Global Management Class of 2020 graduates.
But it will be technologically awesome, memorable 
and very different.  In the middle of the pandemic
and lock-down in Arizona, telepresence robots, known
as avatar robots,  have come to
the rescue and saved the day.  It's graduation by
telepresence and it's a virtual graduation ceremony. 
May 11, 2020 is graduation day.

Technology to the Rescue
The telepresense robots will give students a chance to
"walk in" the ceremony.  The robots will stand in place
and be awarded each students' degree in a virtual ceremony.
Live audio and video on each robot will allow the students
to experience the ceremony in real-time.

Much Prep To Make This Virtual Graduation Happen
This week, cameras pre-recorded 140 graduates as they logged in to the University from home. The grads were dressed in their caps and gowns.  Each moved a remote controlled robot at the University that held an image of their face. Via the robot, they approached Dean Sanjeev Khagram to receive their hard-earned diploma and get a photo when they received it from him.  

Great Effort through Technology to Honor Grads
The virtual graduation ceremony is set for May 11, 2020.  It's not the graduation the students had been anticipating, but it certainly is an historic and memorable one. The robots are from Double Robotics of Burlingame, CA.  Before the pandemic, they were primarily used to enable people to show up at weddings and other events without having to travel to them.  Congratulations to the
grads and to Dean Khagram who went the distance to honor his graduates.

Ed Kane, Journalist and Author


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