Asteroid 2020 HS7 Discovered

Source:  NASA Tracking Mysterious Group of Asteroids

UFO Sighting
A relatively small asteroid, 13x26 feet flew close to the Earth and close to satellites.  The nearest satellite
was just 750 miles away and the asteroid passed within 26,554 miles of Earth.  The discovery of Asteroid
2020 HS7 was just made by NASA's Pan-STARRS project.  This is one of the closest flybys by an asteroid ever recorded. The
asteroid actually passed under the nearest satellite and came close to the geostationary orbit ring for

Global Coordinated Tracking
On April 26, 2020 NASA's Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii spotted what scientists thought was a UFO flying through space.
They found it to be extremely close to the Earth with a 10% chance of colliding with the Earth.  Word went out
to observatories around the world from China to Germany about the unidentified flying object.  Astronomers tracked
the UFO's position, speed, motion and brightness.  Through their coordinated efforts the scientists determined
in a day that the UFO was a new asteroid and that it did not pose a threat to Earth.

Close Call
This new asteroid is one of the 50 closest asteroids flying over Earth ever recorded.  The global scientific effort of
collaboration, discovery and rapid response proved to be an important and successful model for
tracking UFO's in space going forward.

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