Invention Created by Self-Taught Engineer

Source:  Zhao Deli flying motorcycle

Flying Above Traffic 30 Feet in the Air
The China Xinhua News Agency reports that a self-taught 
"genius" Chinese engineer has created a flying motorcycle.  And
he has demonstrated its capabilities and effectiveness.
The motorcycle is capable of flying 30 feet in the air
to get above and over traffic jams.

Flying Above it All
The inventor is engineer Zhao Deli from China's Hunan 
province.  He has worked for many years to create his
own flying scooter to simply fly above it all, particularly on traffic congested streets. The latest prototype is a white drone-like
vehicle with fast moving propellers on the four corners of the
motorbike.  Deli hopes to eventually sell these personal 
mobility vehicles to the public.  A prototype he created in 2018 reached speeds of 44 mph and had a battery life of 30 minutes.
The latest version looks much sleeker and faster.  The inventor works solo out of his garage.


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